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Bioelectricity History

Introduction to Electro-Medicine



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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

"There is only one health, but diseases are many. Likewise, there appears to be one fundamental force that heals; although the myriad schools of medicine all have their favorite ways of cajoling it into action." - Dr. Robert Becker, page 25.

Dr. Bob Beck's Brain Tuner helps restore the body's ability to produce neurotransmitters.

Four thousand years ago, estimates show, the strength of Earth's magnetic field was 2.5 gauss. Today it is only 0.5 gauss, which is effectively an 80 percent decrease. - Japanese Med J 75:No.2745

You can induce tiny electric currents inside your body by strapping a permanent magnet to the skin. "I have seen dramatic results when the north magnetic pole is applied to a cancer or an area of inflammation." - Dr Michael Schachter (Editor's note: the south magnetic pole of a magnet can cause cancer to grow, so make sure you get it right. The north seeking needle of a compass points to the north magnetic pole of a magnet.)

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, it may be possible to make economical electro-medicine devices at home for personal use. This 165 page ebook explains how. The book assumes the reader has no background in technology or electronics and explains everything in very simple terms. Learn how to make:
- electrical current devices
- magnetic pulser devices
- radiant plasma devices
- colloidal silver generator

In addition to circulatory systems for blood and lymph, some researchers suggest that the human body has an additional circulatory system for electricity. Acupuncture uses metal needles inserted at key points to influence the flow of electricity along meridians. The research of Dr. Robert Becker found that many tissues in the body are semiconductors and that there is an electrical "current of injury" that must be present for healing to take place. Dr. Becker also discovered the remarkable healing effect of silver ions in the human body. Edgar Cayce recommended treatment of certain diseases with mild electrical current. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units are used to treat sports injuries and pain. Dr. Hulda Clark's Zapper uses electrical frequency to kill parasites. Dr. Bob Beck's four part protocol uses electrical current to disable viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and mycotoxins in the body. Dr. Lakhovsky's multi-frequency generator promotes health by stimulating all cells in the body. Dr. Lakhovsky's research was continued by Dr. Ed Skilling.

Most of these electrical devices are not expensive to purchase. Once you have them, the operating costs are minimal. The devices can be used by your entire family and your friends. Compared to the cost over time of repeated purchases of herbs, vitamins and drugs, electro-medicine is a bargain.

This is why the writings these researchers contain many references to harassment and suppression on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. From the point of view of pharmaceutical companies, a patient cured is a patient lost. It is bad business to cure a disease. The highly successful business model of pharmaceutical companies is based on treatments, not cures, plus suppression of alternatives. Johnson & Johnson lost a $130 million dollar lawsuit when it tried to suppress TENS units as a treatment for pain. Johnson & Johnson manufactures Tylenol and earns billions of dollars annually from pain killing medicine.

As a result, researchers such as Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Bob Beck refused to patent their discoveries. Instead they widely published the schematics for their devices and encouraged anyone with the necessary skill to manufacture them. Once in the public domain it is very difficult for pharmaceutical companies to suppress them.

The public domain electro-medicine devices are affordable and have the intent of giving self-sufficiency to individuals who are prepared to take responsibility for their own health. If the electro-medicine devices can kill all known pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi then vaccines and antibiotics become largely unnecessary. Biological warfare becomes much less fearsome. At last, here may be the cure for the common cold.

Many diseases are now found to involve bacteria, viruses, or fungi. These diseases include:  Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, cervical cancer, Crohn's disease, Epstein-Barr (chronic fatigue syndrome), gallstones, 80% of heart disease, hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Kaposi's sarcoma, kidney stones, leukemia, liver cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, and ulcers.

FDA approval of these devices is not required if they are used for research purposes only. Therefore, consider yourself a researcher.

The electro-medicine devices generally have no side effects other than a cleansing reaction caused by the die off of pathogenic organisms. They seem to work against ALL pathogenic organisms so accurate diagnosis is not required. Plus, these devices are easy to use by the average person. They are safe enough to be used on children.

Pregnant Women and Cancer Patients

Pregnant women and people with cancer need to be very cautious with these devices, because electrical currents that stimulate healing may also stimulate fetal and malignant tissues as well. See Becker page 179.

Becker mentions research with electrical currents that caused cancer tumors to disappear. However, he notes that these studies used silver electrodes implanted directly into the tumor, and silver particles migrating from the electrodes into the tumor were the most likely reason for the anti-cancer effect. Becker's research indicates that electrodes made from other materials do not have the same effect. This is one of the reasons why cancer patients might consider drinking some colloidal silver each day.

Some electro-medical devices are based on current, others are based on frequency. The devices for cancer are always based on frequency, and involve much lower levels of current.

Device Current Frequency
Dr. Rife's Frequency Generator x
Dr. Lakhovsky's Multiwave Oscillator x
Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper x
Dr. Bob Beck Blood Electrifier x x
Dr. Bob Beck Magnetic Pulse Generator x x
Dr. Bob Beck Brain Tuner x
Paul Becker's EarthPulse "geomagnetic supplementation" x

Some cancer patients have used Dr. Bob Beck's 4 point protocol (blood electrifier, colloidal silver, magnetic pulse generator, water ozonator) with good results. It has been suggested that by removing the bacterial / viral / fungal load from the body, the immune system was strengthened to the point where it could deal effectively with cancer. Also, some cancers are directly caused by pathogens, and the Beck protocol may remove the pathogens.

If you have cancer and decide to use the Beck protocol, keep the devices away from your tumor. Use the north pole of a magnet on the tumor instead. (The south magnetic pole of a magnet can cause cancer to grow, so make sure you get it right. The north seeking needle of a compass points to the north magnetic pole of a magnet.)

Blood electrification is not compatible with the use of drugs. Blood electrification results in a state called electroporation which means that cells much more readily absorb substances in the blood. This greatly magnifies the effect of drugs. Even substances such as alcohol, tobacco and coffee have their effects magnified. It would be interesting if researchers investigated electroporation as a possible means to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy, thereby reducing the dosage required. However, there already exists a way to accomplish this called Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). IPT has the advantage of selectively targeting cancer cells.

Here is a brief description of some common electro-medical devices:

Dr. Hulda Clark's Zapper works on the basis of electrical frequency. According to Dr. Clark, the range of human frequencies is 1,520 to 9,460 kHz. The pathogen range of frequencies is a lower 77 to 900 kHz. Pathogens can be zapped at their frequencies without affecting the human host. Dr. Clark's zapper is claimed to work against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. A lab study demonstrated that the Zapper selectively destroyed leukemia cells. According to Dr. Bob Beck, the amount of electrical current created in the body by the Zapper is so small it is unmeasurable.

Dr. Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier was inspired by suppressed research done at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine finding that mild electrical current deactivated the AIDS virus by disrupting its protein coat. Inspired by this, Dr. Beck created a device whereby two electrodes are strapped over the radial artery and ulna artery pulse points on the wrist and the appropriate electrical current passes into the blood. The electrical current is reported to not only deactivate the AIDS virus, but also other bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and mycotoxins. Start with daily 20 minute sessions and work up to two hour sessions. Use two hours daily for four to twelve weeks. As a bonus, Dr. Beck designed the instrument to also make colloidal silver. Drinking a sufficient quantity of colloidal silver daily is another very effective way to deactivate bacteria and viruses, and with this device you can make your own colloidal silver very economically at home.

Dr. Bob Beck's Magnetic Pulse Generator is designed to induce electrical current at a distance. When placed over part of the body, the magnetic pulse penetrates nine inches deep, reaching into the lymph system and various internal tissues to deactivate bacteria, viruses and fungi wherever they may be. This device is intended to complement the blood electrifier. Do several pulses at each site daily over several weeks.

Paul Becker's EarthPulse device generates a pulsed one half gauss electromagnetic field. The device is intended to supplement the earth's declining magnetic field, ie. "geomagnetic supplementation". Dr. David Williams writes favorably of this device in his March 2004 issue of Alternatives.

The cells in your body constantly draw energy from the brain and the Earth's electromagnetic field in a effort to achieve what is called "magnetic resonance." Magnetic resonance occurs when the magnetic frequency in your brain matches a harmonic of the frequencies of the other organs and body tissues. This normally occurs for only brief periods during sleep. During these periods, your body's ability to heal and repair itself, create enzymes, and boost immunity is enhanced. Other vital functions related to magnetic resonance are being discovered almost daily by those working in the emerging field of quantum medicine. (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 00;97;6242) (FASEB J 92;(abstract 2433) (Sci Week 00;Vol4(32))

- Dr. David Williams, Alternatives, March 2004.


They were showing about a 7.83 hertz, almost pure coherent maybe 20 microvolt signal frontal to occipital midline. That's between F1 and F2 in the standard nomenclature system to halfway between 01 and 02 if you're an encephalographer. In other words the third eye...which shows whole brain alpha. Over and over again we found these frequencies in people with remarkable talents - healers, radionics operators, dousers, shamans, witch doctors, mystics, golden dawn, priests and priestesses - if they were authentic...We found that there was phase-lock...frequency, amplitude, etc. between that person's EEG signature and the earth's brainwave itself.

- Dr. Robert Beck, The Beck Protocol, page 77.


Increased coherence in brain activity during Transcendental Meditation (TM)

There are changes in brain frequencies such as increased slow alpha activity during practice of TM, but more important is the increased coherence at all frequencies between the activity of all areas of the brain. The following two pictures show a series of six charts illustrating the growth of brain coherence ranging from an individual who has been practicing TM for two weeks, to another practicing TM for fifteen years. Also shown is the low coherence seen during sleep, and at the other extreme the maximum coherence seen during "yogic flying".

There is a high correlation between EEG coherence, neurological efficiency, creativity, and experience of higher states of consciousness. For scientific references regarding TM and changes in brain activity see

New research studies the EEG of Cosmic Consciousness.


Four thousand years ago, estimates show, the strength of Earth's  magnetic field was 2.5 gauss. Today it is only 0.5 gauss, which is effectively an 80 percent decrease. (Japanese Med J 75;No.2745)

To make matters worse, our environment is flooded with man-made electromagnetic fields that override the frequencies that resonate in the brain and other body tissues. Some of the more common sources include computers, cell phones, fluorescent lights, televisions, hair dryers, digital alarm clocks, high power transmission lines, and electrical appliances.

- Dr. David Williams, Alternatives, March 2004.

Editor's note: With the weakening of the earth's magnetic field and the maddening deluge of man-made electromagnetic fields, it is essential that we learn a technique such as Transcendental Meditation to reestablish and maintain a coherent style of functioning in the brain. Your choice is to do nothing and experience degenerating physical and mental health, or learn how to increase your coherence and enjoy improving health and growth of higher states of consciousness.

For more information see: Dr. Clark Research Association. The website for products designed by Dr. Hulda Clark. The "Diapulse" electromagnetic pulse device has a long history of medical use for accelerating wound healing. Information web site regarding electricity and health. Sota Instruments focuses on The Beck Protocol. See the online video testimonial of the patient with Parkinson's disease.

Becker, Robert, and Gary Selden, The Body Electric, William Morrow and Company, Inc, New York, 1985. Interesting points from this book include:

  • Skin is piezoelectric (turns pressure into electricity) and pyroelectric (turns heat into electricity). Nearly all tissues have been shown to produce or transmit various kinds of electrical charge. (pages 184-185)

  • The cells surrounding nerve cells (perineural cells) are semi conductive and polarized - positive at the dendrite and negative at the axon. These perineural cells surrounding every nerve cell like a sheath compose 90% of the brain. The perineural cell electrical direct current flows from the direction of the axon toward the dendrite. The result of this is, for example, that current flows along motor nerves from the spine to the periphery, and along sensory nerves from the periphery back to the spine. There are also direct currents in the spinal column and in the brain due to the presence of these semi conductive cells. (pages 106, 183)

  • This direct current system is influenced by external electromagnetic fields. The system is so sensitive as to be impacted by the annual cycle in the earth's magnetic field strength. The earth's magnetic field is only one half gauss. (page 107)

  • The back to front direct current in the brain changes with state of consciousness. The current is stronger with heightened activity (physical or mental), declines during rest, and is reversed during sleep and anesthesia. (page 116)

  • Experiments with salamanders indicates that placing the brain between the poles of a 3,000 gauss electromagnet results in a state of anesthesia, from which the animal regains consciousness within seconds when the current is switched off. Passing a mild electrical current through the brain, equal in strength and opposite in polarity to the brain's innate electrical direct current also produces immediate loss of consciousness and a state of anesthesia that continues as long as the electrical current continues, though the animals remained unresponsive for up to half an hour after the current was turned off, much the same as with chemical anesthesia. (pages 100-117)

  • EEG recordings of magnetic and chemical anesthesia are identical. (page 238)

  • All brain wave frequencies are in the same range as the earth's low frequency (one to 25 Hz) electromagnetic pulsations. (page 115)

  • Pulsed electromagnetic fields do induce currents of a type never normally found in the body. Each pulse produces millions of tiny eddy currents briefly flowing in circles. As the magnetic field expands at the beginning of a pulse, the currents circle in one direction; as it collapses, they reverse. (page 177)

Nordenström, Björn, Biological Closed Electric Circuit Clinical, Experimental, and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulatory System, Nordic Medical Publications, Stockholm, Sweden, 1983.

Rosch, Paul J., Bioelectromagnetic Medicine Bioelectromagnetic Medicine, Dekker, 2004. The 86 internationally recognized contributors to Bioelectromagnetic Medicine have strived to insure that this book will remain the gold standard in the field for many years. Its 50 chapters and thousands of references dealing with every aspect of this topic make it an essential guide for physicians and all health care professionals, biophysicists, physiologists, biochemists and other basic scientists, as well as students and anyone interested in non-invasive and authoritative alternative medicine approaches.

Valone, Thomas, Bioelectromagnetic Healing: A Rationale For Its Use, Integrity Research Inst., 2000. Dr. Thomas Valone was for many years a U.S. Patent Engineer investigating the many electromedicine devices that he describes in this highly technical book.   

Big Pharma Fears Electricity...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

September 11th, 2003

There's an interesting situation going on in the war between "health" and "medicine" in the United States. Big pharma is in a panic over electricity.

Yup.  Electricity.

Not the kind of electricity that caused the big NorthEast power blackout this year. But the kind that gets applied to the human body, either as an investigative tool or as a immune system stimulator, as an electronic acupuncture, or as an energy field, or whatever.  For sure, big pharma can't stand the idea that engineers have figured out how to kill viruses, bacteria, and biological warfare agents electronically.  We're looking, here, at ultra-cheap ways to deal with problems big pharma has only offered ultra-expensive, ultra-profitable, ways to solve.  Electricity can do, at a mini-fraction of the cost, what any pharmaceutical can do.

Yes, you heard me. I said - "Electricity can do, at a mini-fraction of the cost, what any pharmaceutical can do."

How do I know this? I do my homework. I actually know, and talk to, experts. 

There are two upcoming conferences, both on the same days (September 26, 27, 28, 2003) which will open your eyes WIDE in amazement. One's in Seattle, Washington, and the other is in BudaPest, Hungary. I'm going to the one in Seattle. Actually, I'm a speaker there Saturday night, during the politics of health portion.. You can come - get the information at

No wonder big pharma is in a maxi-panic, and has pulled out all the stops in their efforts, to keep electricity out of the hands of the people of North America. How do I know big pharma is in panic mode and has pulled out the stops?  Keep reading.


We all know that North American health care's massive reliance on the concept of "drugs as treatment" for conditions and diseases is coming to end. It's an experiment that failed. The Pharmaceutical industry, as a whole, is going the way of buggy whips, and horse carriages. It's inevitable. Invest your money elsewhere.

Drug "treatments" are a scam. Americans want to be "cured." Period. Drugs can't do that. Americans want to be healthy, not medicated.

Big Pharma doesn't want to die gracefully. They're fighting reality tooth and nail. One of the ways they're fighting off their own end is, of course, their so-called "quackbuster" operation - labeling competitors to endless drugs as "quacks," and using their influence at our government agencies to damage their natural enemies. To a certain extent this has been working - for they've poured a fortune into the project - and they set up the structure years ago. But even with all those dollars spent, they're still losing ground. Reality is catching up.

New enemies to big Parma's interests are popping up everywhere like weeds in a cornfield, after the farm bureau stopped them from spraying chemicals anymore. THREE VERY BIG new enemies of big pharma are just now awakening - American corporations, The United States Military, and the combined Executive/Legislative branches of the US government.

What? Did I just say that "American corporations, The United States Military, and the combined Executive/Legislative branches of the US government" are new enemies of big pharma?

Yes. That's what I said.

American corporations have begun to realize that a huge chunk of the North America's Gross National Product (GNP) is being funneled to FOREIGN DRUG companies - multinational drug syndicates based in France, Germany, etc. through the grossly inflated price of pharmaceuticals in the United States. North America is being bled. And, big American corporations are picking up a big part of the tab in increased health costs for their employees.  That means that US companies have to raise the price of their manufactured goods - which means they can't compete in world markets with the countries that host big pharma. "Big pharma" is NOT an American business - not at all. The only thing "American" about big pharma is it's being being half of the word "Anti-American."

The United States Military is looking for solutions, not drugs. A few months ago I attended, in San Antonio, Texas, a conference called "Electro Med 2003." It was put on by the United States Air Force - who is looking for electrical and electronic solutions to health problems. To accomplish those ends it is FUNDING studies, at Universities, of electronic devices that kill pathogens, etc.... I took Hulda Regher Clark, PhD, Naturopath, and eight other "electric/electronic health care"  friends with me. Everybody I took with me was probably 25 years ahead, in electromed research, than what the Air Force was currently buying from contractors.

The combined Executive/Legislative branches of the US government are majorly concerned with the low quality, and high cost, of health care in the United States. It is, if not the BIGGEST issue, one of the top five social issues in America. Frankly, it's all a simple problem (big pharma anti-American greed) with a simple answer - Shut down big pharma. The key words here are "quackbusters, drug lords, indictment, shutdowns, federal prison." I believe that big pharma's overt attack on the US economy is a hostile act by foreign interests. Period. How much big pharma stock is owned by those that hate the very essence of America?

Big Pharma Fears Electricity?...

There's no money for big pharma in Americans being healthy. That's why the "quackbuster" operation, the one run out of a New York ad agency, has been attacking supplements, oxygen therapies, natural antibiotics, etc., for all these years.

Big pharma's newest, and BIGGEST fear, is electricity - the use of electricity in health care.  There are so many people working on electrical solutions to health problems that big pharma is in a screaming panic. Universities, the US military, independent scientists, electrical and electronic engineers, hobbyists, what-have-you, in North America are coming up with major answers to health issues - with electricity. In the rest of the world, I'm told, major work is being done. Russia, China, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, and even Turkey are churning out electronic devices that far surpass ANYTHING and EVERYTHING big pharma has to offer.

In San Antonio a few months ago I spoke to members of the US Air Force team putting on ElectroMed 2003. They told me that their original function was to find out what harmful effects current electronic military hardware might be having on their crew members - if any. Their research eventually led to the understanding that there were BENEFICIAL affects of electricity introduced into the human body. This was their third conference - and the grants they had let out a few years a ago were now reporting their findings at the conference.

One of the problems the Air Force was looking at, to solve electronically, was the potential for a biological attack on an Air force base and the logistics of a biological cleanup in the aftermath.  No one, I can bet, is ever going to be allowed to spray down a 300 million dollar aircraft with a fire hose full of bleach - not going to happen. The Air Force wants to do it with an electronic device they can tune to kill selected biologicals...

And yes, they know about the work of Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Hulda Clark, Bob Beck, etc., etc.  They know much more about those peoples' work, and others, since I took nine of my friends to the conference.
Did I tell you that there is an electronic cure for malaria being successfully tested in Africa?  Well, there is...
Yup. Big pharma is not sleeping well.
So, What's Big Pharma Doing?
They've pulled out the stops. They're calling in their markers. They've put the pedal to the metal in trying to stop "electricity." All that money drain from the US economy could stop overnight.
Big pharma has significant influence at our US Food & Drug Administration, and consequently, at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which merely uses FDA policies and guidelines to determine what, and whom, to prosecute. Both of these organizations are compromised.
When Dwight David Eisenhower was leaving office as President of the United States years ago he brought to America's attention that the revolving-door relationship between the US Military and the Defense contractors and suppliers "was not a good thing for America." Legislation was put into place separating the two entities. It is still in place. We need to break up the incestuous relationship between our FDA and the foreign drug cartel - right now.
It's simple. Big pharma is using it's contacts at FDA to arrange all sorts of harassment of the fledgling ElectroMed industry. Their contacts at FTC are eager to participate, also. Their organizational point is the combined FDA/FTC project labeled "Operation Cure-All," a bureau who's mission should force it to more correctly name itself "Operation Cure-Nothing."   
"Operation Cure-Nothing"...
Big pharma's attack squad is "Operation Cure-All." They own it outright. They've staffed it, they've outfitted it, they've trained the employees, they've set the operational guidelines, they've got their own "consultants" in place to advise on issues, and I wouldn't doubt that there's a speed-dialer, in both directions, to that New York ad agency that runs the real quackbuster operation.
Operation Cure-All's job is to hunt down, and set up for the kill, any person or company on the internet who dares to suggest that there is anything other than "treatment" available in health care. They have a software program they run constantly that searches websites for words that offer reality in health care. When the word "cure" is found on a website, the alarms go off, and an assault begins. Words like "prevention, cause, immune system, etc." will get you similar attention.
Their job is to make a "cure" for anything illegal, and to terrify Americans who try to find, or promote the reality of "cure vs... treatment."
And "we the people" are funding this...
The Attack On Electricity...

I'm just now beginning to trace back how the attack on the ElectroMed industry occurred, so bear with me on some educated supposition. What I'm actually looking at, and what has actually happened so far, is that FDA coordinated raids have been made against several ElectroMed companies, with seizure of their inventories, etc.. Also, subpoenas for a Federal Grand Jury in San Diego have been issued alleging fraud. There are no dates on the subpoenas. 
All of the FDA raid warrants have a court order suppressing the "probable cause" of the warrant.  I suspect that the "probable cause" information is probably Legal Declarations from the usual "testifying whores" we've come to expect will show up - and the prosecutor in the case, issuing the warrants, is too embarrassed to show the low quality of the testimony, and the evidence in the case, for obvious reasons. Be realistic, if YOU were the prosecutor would YOU want to let the opposition know that your "probable cause" declarations, for instance, were the wild-eyed statements of a hair removal expert from Braintree, Massachusetts, that court documents show could never hold a job?
The FDA warrants, I believe, were strictly a fishing expedition.
Judging from former campaigns begun in a New York ad agency, I think we can safely assume, as a working hypothesis, that some, of not all, of the usual tactics were employed against ElectroMed. It was the usual "quackbuster operation."
The quackbuster operation is being run out of an advertising agency in New York City. The ad agency designs, implements, and runs campaigns against competitors to drugs. Twenty six pharmaceutical companies banded together, originally, and funded the operation against market competitors to drugs. The first plan has been expanded as big pharma panics over North America's shift in their buying habits to "alternatives."
Let me refresh your memory on how they do it...
They decide who they're going to hit. The advertising agency writes up the stories that are going to be distributed to their "letter writing brigade," the "testifying whores."  The letter writers, following the guidelines, then write to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, to set a basis for the complaint. Then the ad agency writes stories, getting quotes from the likes of Barrett, Baratz, etc., on the victim. The stories are sent out to the media in which the advertising agency's drug clients advertise. The stories are printed in the media as though they were true.Once the stories hit the press, a second wave of letters goes out to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, to put pressure on upper management to act. Then more media is generated, this time with quotes from the quackbuster insider FTC employees to make it sound official that the FTC is interested. Once this happens, letters and phone calls go out from supposedly "irate consumers (quackbusters)," once again to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All upper management, demanding to know why they aren't doing something.  

Then, letters and phone calls go out from supposedly "irate consumers (quackbusters)" to certain members of Congress demanding to know why the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, aren't doing something.

Within days, upper management of the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, are deluged with questions from more media, and Congress. They see the issue as important, and act against the victim - even if their is little or no evidence.

So, What's ElectroMed's Response?

Not good. Not bad, but not good. The industry is so new, it's naive. Too many people in it, just can't believe that their own government could do this to them. These are in stupid denial. 

Others say "Well, I'll just stay below the radar." These are like a mouse living in a house with four cats.

Some others are stunned, waiting for someone to lead them to safety. They can't figure out, when they have the best of intentions for humanity in their work and invention, why their own government could act so stupidly, and so brutally. 

Sometimes it takes horror to move a fledgling into the adult world. Mom and Dad eagle have no problem pushing Junior off the ledge, so he'll go get his own breakfast, and find his own mountain range. When Junior begins his plummet over the edge he's got two choices; either spread those wings and take flight, or hit the rocks a thousand feet below. ElectroMed is plummeting, and the choices need to be made right this minute. 

Some parts of it are already awake, others are awakening, and there's major effort to move the industry into it's next growth step. Phones are ringing everywhere. Conference calls are happening. Strategy meetings are occurring. Industry conferences are devoting time to strategy and tactic meetings designed to determine exactly what the problem is and how to solve it.

Hence, in the US, Seattle is where the allies are gathering for a war council September 26, 27, 28, 2003. It'll be the first of several gatherings. The newest and the best will be there. Hulda Clark will open the convention at 9:00am on Saturday.

You really need to hear what Hulda Clark has to say. 

That's what I think...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

This "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter" is about the battle between "Health and Medicine" on Planet Earth. Tim Bolen is an op/ed writer with extensive knowledge of the activities of a subversive organization calling itself the "quackbusters," and that organization's attempts to suppress, and discredit, any, and all health modalities that compete with the allopathic (MD) paradigm for consumer health dollars. The focus of the newsletter is on the ongoing activities, battles, politics, and the victories won by members of the "Health Freedom Movement" against the "quackbusters" It details "who the quackbusters are, what they are, where they are operating, when they appear, and how they operate - and how easy it is to beat them..."

For background information on the "Battle between Health and Medicine" go to: "". A copy of THIS newsletter, and older ones, are viewable at the website "".

For EVEN MORE interesting and related articles go to "".


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