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Bad Shoulder Pulsed Magnetic & Electric Stimulation Remedies

Based on our more than 20 years’ experience using PEMF & Electric Stimulation for Bad Shoulder, we decided to separate this issue from the rest. ​

Bad shoulder affects 9 of 10 people that aren’t young anymore. Pulling, pushing, lifting, throwing,  swimming, and swinging a golf club with bad shoulder mobility is a common problem in today’s age, specially for those tied to their desks. Dealing with a bad shoulder seems like some sort of rite of passage. Some have to deal with a bad shoulder only during sleep and some deal with a bad shoulder all day.

EarthPulse™ PEMF delivers world wide and either works for you or return it for refund by 90 days.

bad shoulder PEMF and Electric Stimulation therapy

Though the E Stim is not commercially available; and though it is not a PEMF Therapy device or pulsed magnetic device, we placed this so you can hear for yourself that we do this stuff better than ANYONE ever has; or probably ever will. Use the Bob Beck schematic that should be publicly available and the rest of the specs are on the E-stim page. Plug in the wall about 5 milliamps current per pad set.

E-Stim is not commercially available.

One day when in my 20’s I took a bad surfing wipe-out in shore break and dislocated my shoulder on the bottom; and I’ve had a bad shoulder for the rest of my life until it healed itself. I took every supplement I learned of for bad shoulder and even did a lot of massage, and nothing fixed it. When i was 44 i started sleeping on the EarthPulse™ magnetic system and it healed my shoulder injury with absolutely no expectations.

Within days of my first prototype of a PEMF device at 9.6 Hz during the nighttime, the numbness in my fingertips was resolved, ringing dull ache down the arm resolved in 3 weeks; and by month 3 for the most part the shoulder was back to normal. No more popping, grinding, snapping sounds.

Old injuries or new, they should all completely resolve sleeping within the EarthPulse™ field in 3 months.

Fifteen years later my shoulder went bad again and I figured that I’d gotten 10 + good years out of that bad shoulder. When my shoulder injury made that shoulder bad again I happened across an herbal article outlining how many cases of arthritis are misdiagnosed bacterial infection. It dealt mostly with legs but I thought hmm, maybe. Well I dug out my 9v battery Beck device and boom, the shoulder got quite a bit better fast. I tried a Beck strong 6000 Gauss magnet on that bad shoulder and it did nothing for the mobility at all. So I knew I was on the right track. The Beck strong magnet did nothing for mobility.

What EarthPulse™ PEMF therapy doesn’t do, the E-Stim Electrical stimulation does. I can tell you since getting reviews on the E-Stim from people I respect, it is what I think it is…better actually. So, i don’t care if your bad shoulder is due to anything you’ve been told; if this device doesn’t improve it greatly, just return it. You’ll know it works right away. Not a few days from using it but RIGHT AWAY.

I’m back now for two years and my good shoulder is now my bad shoulder.  I’m using the electric stimulator now on the “bad” shoulder so it gets as good as the other one.

If it works on your bad shoulder, you’re in business and it should only get better the more you use it. It isn’t going to work on that bad shoulder if you don’t use it. The more you use it for the bad shoulder the better it will get. I learned by using it.  Just like our magnetic systems.

The E-stim will get rid of bad shoulder no matter what the cause and also rebuild in cases where the body won’t on its own or return it.  It is the only electric stim strong enough for shoulder, hip, or knee with a DC switch allowing you to not only use AC (like Beck but stronger) but also DC (like Becker microcurrent).

I found an article in a natural blog that questioned “What if your arthritis was misdiagnosed infection”.  In AC mode it provides more than enough current to kill like Beck that float by in the blood. A suggestion is to attach at the artery and vein on the shoulder, hip or any joint for that matter. Such bacterial infections can easily be misidentified and they will cause arthritis-like symptoms.   With the E-Stim you can knock back just about anything even if in your joints.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy can create an environment where miraculous natural healing will occur, but the nutritive component is just as important as the PEMF….please don’t try and cut corners now. You can’t build a brick wall without the bricks. When using Electrical stimulation for Bad Shoulder or rebuilding body parts, make sure you have your nutritive components covered; add PEMF and immense benefits will occur. Please do the same with our E-stim electric stim system.

Effective PEMF therapy has beneficial effects on all the cells of the body and that’s the reason why EarthPulse™ PEMF therapy systems work well as they do. You can’t do a full body with an E-stim but sometimes that may be what you need at first.

EarthPulse™ PEMF promotes the body’s ability to heal itself, while actually reversing the aging process over the first few years of usage. Oxygen metabolism is body’s most important process, improve that and every bodily function improves including hormone synthesis and cellular regeneration. You will cut ageing to a minimum and you can’t do that with an E-stim.

Strength and stamina gains are easily explained by my more-ATP proposition, as are recovery / regeneration effects. Read MoreATP to understand the science.

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Bad Shoulder Pulsed Magnetic & Electric Stimulation Remedies