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PEMF Longevity Sleep Is Our Version of Published PEMF Therapy Research / Our Remarkable Pulsed Electromagnetic Field / PEMF Sleep Devices

PEMF Therapy / Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is according to Published Research up to 7 decades old, the most powerful healing technology known to man. We’ve invested over 20 years into building our Longevity-Sleep PEMF device; the best PEMF device in the world by many magnitudes or infinity. Particularly to enhance sleep, longevity, recovery & performance.

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Dr. Williams said in his newsletter (near top of Side Bar), that PEMF is one of the most important discovery in history and called us “The find of a century,…or two.”. The full March 2004 issue of Dr. Williams hard copy newsletter is there for you to read, along with a newsletter by another firm on bone density. Welcome to our Longevity-Sleep PEMF site. Sleep better than ever, while enhancing longevity by anti-ageing (aging) the cell. A PEMF mat is neither convenient nor as good as our nightly, night long, in your own bed, Longevity/Sleep PEMF / pulsed electromagnetic & pulsed magnetic fields. We are not PEMF therapy. We’re a new way of sleeping and living.

Biohack your entire body using our Low-EMF, 12 volt, PEMF (pulsed magnetic and electromagnetic fields) in your bed every night to dramatically improve sleep, to dramatically enhance longevity and anti-ageing (aging previously), boost recovery and both mental (nootropic) and physical performance enhancement (ergogenic / anabolic); simply by going to your existing bed and sleeping better than ever. EVER.

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The last interview aired early November 2016, a few days before attempt 3 at taking us out. Please see “ABOUT” link in nav bar above to learn some back-story about our “disruptive” Longevity Sleep PEMF technology.

Ep 33 – PEMF Ergogenic Biohacks and Upregulating Mitochondrial Biogenesis

The Tinnitus mentioned in the interview was caused by a near-fatal poisoning in 2012, but disappeared as a side effect of being dead in an ambulance for 15 minutes. After waking from coma 3 weeks later, exiting hospital 1 March 2017, dead alternative doctors was up from 45 to 95+ in about 4 months.

In 2016 evidently “PEMF agitation“ was an issue. Since, inventor decided that more is better. Anyone experiencing “agitation”, simply loosen the center core of the magnet (lowering the Gauss strength for a few nights if necessary), with the goal of tightening center core and going full amplitude in a few days. More is better and is well tested over the last few years. We’re thrilled at how powerful and clean (better Low EMF work) the new v8 is.

Enhance the mitochondrial energy and the body takes care of itself naturally, but at enhanced levels. We’ve all heard of the fabled “lightening in a bottle” ; our PEMF is the closest thing there is. Universal Energy and Natural Law, not Rocket Science.

Sleep Your Way to Augmented Reality! 

Our Active Military / Vets’ Discount Program (20 – 40% discount).

An active ParaRescue client (Air Force) once said: “Whether taking a long shot, or jumping out of the back of an airplane, your device is a Force Multiplier.”  He also commented how his sleep was greatly improved (sleep schedule was erratic due to his active military service).

Though the E Stim is not commercially available; and though it is not a PEMF Therapy device or pulsed magnetic device, we placed this so you can hear for yourself that we do this stuff better than ANYONE ever has; or probably ever will. Use the Bob Beck schematic that should be publicly available and the rest of the specs are on the E-stim page. Plug in the wall about 5 milliamps current per pad set.

                                                V8Pro PEMF Longevity Sleep System

All controllers (even v8Pet) are now two output, Pro controllers with two magnet outputs at full strength. Greatly Improved in every way AND 50%+ more power per channel.

Turbo-charge your mitochondria during sleep for vastly improved daytime performance and a longer life. Plus, great sleep EVERY night. That alone is priceless! Only our clients know the feeling. When you get one of our Sleep PEMF systems, you don’t become a customer; you become a client for life. We’ve not advertised and have relied on “word of mouth” since 2006 because our Sleep PEMF works as well as it does.

“Overall my sleep has dramatically improved, not sure if i can put a number on it, but probably somewhere around 80%” That was after a few months. Sleep is actually more than 2x as good.

The Bob Beck Silver Pulser discussed in the interview spawned the E-Stim discussed directly below in the Motivation & Muscle episode (radio player immediately above). E-Stim was never sold and not PEMF. It is electric stimulation made somewhat famous by Beck with his Beck Silver Pulser to kill bad biological entities and make colloidal silver.

This is our siver colloid / colloidal silver page. Inventor credits it to never having a cold or flu for 27 years so far (Beck’s blood electrification helped a few times).

With 20+ years of near nightly use, our inventor reports the EP PEMF is ALLOT better than he thought it was and reports ZERO  “acclimation” to sleep or any other use during this time.  He, his friend and his wife agree that v8 is noticeably better sleep than previous models. For anti-aging effects please see our Longevity page.

“He was in shock. After 40 years he was able to wiggle his toes and flex his foot with very little pain! I had him walk a little. He could do so without the use of his cane at a better pace than before. It has now been a week later. He can still flex his foot/toes and walk without the use of his cane. Even up and down stairs. Houston we have his attention!!”

The paragraph below is from a paper that is the basis of what we believe in the Energy “Field”. It predated the EP by a few years. It was printed and physically moved about the world since 1997, probably so you can read some of what was said.


All of the many types of living cells that make up the tissues and organs of the body are tiny electrochemical units. They are powered by a battery, that is continually recharged by the cells’ metabolic chemistry in a closed loop of biological energy.

We are concerned here with that battery, which consists of the membrane that surrounds the cell. The electrical charge or voltage across the membrane of a normal, healthy cell varies from about 70 to 100 millivolts; this is called the Transmembrane Portntial, or TIVIP.

When a cell is poisoned, damaged, deprived of nutrients or infected, energy is lost in fighting the problem and the TIVIP falls to a level where the cell loses its vitality and either struggles t heal itself or dies.

Medical literature over the past few decades offers ample proof that the induction of tiny currants of electricity is remarkably effective in healing, regenerating and revitalizing cells damaged by trauma. Many of the earlier techniques developed from this research involved implating fine electrodes at the boundaries of the injured tissue, (sic)  and causing a tiny current to flow through the affected area from batteries. Subsequently, it was found that these currents could also be induced by relatively weak magnetic devices placed close to the trama and kept there for days or weeks.

PEMF is the sleep remedy you’ve hoped or prayed for; plus it does so much more than dramatically improve sleep.

Good sleep EVERY night due to our magnetic and pulsed electromagnetic fields. Plus you’re biohacking & enhancing every part of your life by that better sleep / enhanced mitochondrial performance. PRICELESS! Please see “About” in top Navigation Bar if you care to learn some “back-story” on our disruptive PEMF / pulsed electromagnetic & magnetic sleep devices.

“I bought the EarthPulse 4 years ago and haven’t had a bad night’s sleep since. I have been doing Martial arts for over 30 years. And I have had some injuries over the years. Compared to how I felt 4 years ago and now, is like night and day. A work-related accident occurred. After surgery doctors told me I’d be in therapy at 3 months, I was through P.T. and back to work at 5 weeks!”  Dan’s Recovery Notes at Spontaneous Regeneration

Our PEMF Longevity, sleep systems have been constantly refined since v1 Summer 2002. Our current v8 PEMF systems are the best we’ve ever done; better controller enclosure, better electromagnet cables, better Low EMF after delivery work and 50% more Gauss strength from the electromagnets than v6.

We have a liberal extended warrantee so our clients become clients for life. Once you experience life with our Longevity Sleep PEMF, you won’t want to be without it.  Sleep has always been great with EP, but now v8 results in even better sleep.

We discovered our PEMF device was affecting sleep dramatically during testing v1 that only had the frequency 9.6 Hz; tests usually done on the couch, in the daytime; where everyone fell to sleep but one; she was very anxious but ambulated much better than before.

We learned over time that Lyme (or any parasitic infection) should be cleared first as parasites like PEMF. By that caution alone in 2010 we cut our return rate to 2.5% from 4% for over a decade. Returns during the 12 months we shipped v6 went down to under 2%. Our returns have always been suspect since inception end of 2002, as we’ve never seen it fail in person on humans or animals. Ever, on about 50 people and a few animals. If it doesn’t work for you, contact customer support at about 60 days for necessary return information so it can be received by about 90 days.

We found over decades our Longevity Sleep PEMF works on nearly all issues and is far, far better than any sleep supplement or anything else. It is far, far better than we even thought it was. Pure energy for the mind and body that helps promote sleep so dramatically well that you and a partner sleep extremely well EVERY night, plus while enhancing your daytime performance and slowing normal ageing. How priceless is that, to look forward to going to your bed EVERY night knowing you’re going to sleep very well?! We all actually look forward to bed at night.

“I have put the EarthPulse through enough testing that I can confidently say the device has real merit. There was for me a trial period so as to find out what settings worked best for my recovery. This has thus far been the results of my experimentation. Deeper sleep. 80% reduced hip pain. I can now sleep without throbbing pain. You have my full endorsement. God Bless.”

Gerry James PGA Professional, 2X World Long Drive Champion

This is magnetic field enhancement using our unique night-time, PEMF longevity, sleep device primarily for dramatically enhanced sleep. The after delivery Low EMF work & power supply is better than our v5 or v6 one. We went Low EMF in March 2017 on later v5 to ensure our signal was as clean as possible. Is better low EMF now.
Now sleep is even better than it was during our first 20 years. It was really, really good already.Our signal which was hefty to begin with is 50%+ stronger now due to new metal electromagnet parts, electromagnet coil winding and new electronics. The enclosure and all cables on v8 is greatly improved over our v6 as well.

These Longevity Sleep PEMF, north field, magnetic and pulsed electromagnetic fields all night in your own bed are far more efficient, less expensive and a lot better than any approved or unapproved PEMF Therapy devices, or mats, or anything in the “field” of PEMF.

Nothing in this “field” or any other can do what our nightly PEMF sleep systems do. PERIOD!

Listen to an athletic client describe his initial weeks.

We beat everything by magnitudes or infinitely, depending how you judge it. This is not Rocket Science but Natural Law. As for Rocket Science; inventor’s 2002 PEMF patent application (patent recieved) pre-dated NASA’s (Never A Straight Answer) 10 Hz 2003 PEMF U.S. Patent application by several months or a year. A company that produced that 10 Hz device, doesn’t offer the 10 Hz any longer.

Revolutionary explains our Longevity Sleep PEMF systems.  Our Sleep PEMF is revolutionary in several important areas of everyone’s life, at the same TIMEDid we say this is PRICELESS?

“Yes I received the device and WOW!!! I started using the magnets on a Monday. Thursday morning I went out to shoot and I had a good day on the range, actually VERY good. It didn’t register in my mind why I shot so well. I went out shooting the following Thursday and I was hitting 25 yard shots dead center while on the move. I had multiple targets set up at 7, 15, 20 & 25 yards. I timed my course of fire and had forward, lateral & backward movement while shooting; I was hitting bulleyes on everything! The only thing that changed in my life was sleeping with the magnets.”

Imagine looking forward to going to sleep EVERY night knowing you’ll sleep great and are promoting longevity by anti-ageing the cell and improving your physical and mental performance (nootropics & ergogenics) EVERY night. Good sleep every night alone is absolutely PRICELESS!  and it does so much more than just dramatically improve sleep and longevity.

Inventor has over 20 years of almost every night use. A few of our early contacts have had our sleep PEMF for over 15 years. They all report the same things; that correspond perfectly with what we say.  There is ZERO “acclimation” over 20+ years and very slow ageing.

“About” in top navigation bar has our “back-story. Side Bar Anti-Aging  thumbnail links to among other things, pictures of our inventor at 62, 63, 64 years old; after 20+ years of every night use, with our progressively better PEMF sleep systems. See what longevity looks like!

Whether you’re trying to get out of a chair better, or are a pro athlete looking to enhance physical performance / ergogenics and mental performance (nootropics), while getting a few more seasons in your career (finishing strong) before retiring; you’re at the right place no matter what your age or goal. If you’re not satisfied with our PEMF, you return for refund.

“Well you have an amazing device for sure. Sleep has dramatically improved, about 80% and it seems to get better as weeks go by”

Our PEMF will enhance your Sleep & Performance Guaranteed

If our PEMF device doesn’t have you feeling and performing a decade (or two) younger in a few weeks, we want you to return it. We’ve used that PEMF guarantee since 2002. If our PEMF didn’t work the way we say, we’d have gone out of business long, long ago.

Biohack your sleep, longevity, recovery & mental and physical performance (nootropics / ergogenics) with our PEMF / Magnetic Field Enhancement, simply by going to your existing bed each night and sleeping better than you EVER have.

This is a good expose video inventor did in 2012 touching on why we’ve used 9.6 Hz since inception and its “harminization” w/ both 428 & 528 Hz healing tones. The video leads to the remarkable numerology discovered about 9.6 Hz. Some are contained on our Why 9.6 Hz page.

Our free PDF Pythagorean & Platonic PEMF shows how 9.6 Hz PEMF harmonizes with almost all Sacred Geometry and Platonic Solid geometry. Sign up for a bi-monthy newsletter (Subscribe link top nav bar) to read the entire paper in PDF format immediately. Remarkable numerology of 9.6 Hz.  Buyers get a copy sent to their email address.

While expensive and powerful clinical PEMF devices have good use short term; they can not be used for sleep, performance enhancement or anti-ageing. We specialize in improving sleep while recharging the mitochondria for living much better and ageing much slower. Even a terrible sleeper is going to sleep better the first night.

“Placing the magnet under my bladder area has worked beautifully. Only get up once per night now and sometimes not at all. Thank you!”

A simple breath-hold-test after 7 days will show it has gone way up in reponse to our nightly sleep PEMF field. We monitored clients’ breath-hold via a feedback form for 15+ years (discontinued). Breath Hold goes up for 3 months on the form (avg.+50%), but will continue to go up for years based on inventor’s results. We’ve probably all heard of Oxygn Tents that oxygen load for healing or athletic performance enhancement (erogenic aid). Unfortunately, the affects of hyperoxygenation with Oxygen Tents or other tools are quite temporary.

A PEMF mat is not convenient nor minutely as good as our nightly, night long, in your own bed, magnetic and pulsed electromagnetic fields that improve sleep dramatically while improving “wind”, strength, stamina, mental accuity and slows aging  way-way down.

Our PEMF IS a new way of living & sleeping; NOT PEMF THERAPY!

We do PEMF differently, less expensively and a lot better than any marketed “PEMF Therapy” device system or any other PEMF device system or anything else you may find. We’re far, far better than any of them; incomparable actually. You’ll sleep better than when you were a child or return it for full refund and accept our condolences our sleep PEMF doesn’t work for you.

Our PEMF systems have been available commercially since late 2002 (analog 2002 – 2004, a picture of the 2003 device at our Tech Specs link in top navigation bar); upgraded ALOT based on our customer support, progress tracking feedback form (discontinued after 15+ years), and our own research & experimentation (ongoing) into pulsed electromagnetic fields and magnetic fields working on nearly everyone. This is Natural Law, not Rocket Science. Inventor’2002 US Patent Application  beat NASA’s (Never A Straight Answer) by months or a year.

“After about 2 weeks on EarthPulse, I broke my plateau. I didn’t change my normal routine in any way. I set a new goal of 8 plates. At 4 weeks, I hit 8 plates (360lbs + sled weight of 50lbs = 410lbs). This was the goal for my entire year!”

Our Low EMF power supply and pulsed, nanosecond rise time, north polarity, square wave electromagnetic device should be part of your health arsenal. Looking forward to going to bed EVERY night is PRICELESS! Every benefit of the device is priceless.

Absolutely nothing does what our north polarity magnetic and electromagnetic fields do to biohack sleep, anti-ageing / longevity, recovery, oxygen use and performance enhancement . We’ve used our resting breath hold test since 2003 to prove the EP is working (along with other improvements) and are not imagination.

Our results or return in 90 Days Guarantee has been our policy since 2002.

See our PEMF Tech Specs in the top navbar to learn more about our PEMF squarewave form, gauss rating, electromagnet, modes, comparison to PEMF mats and wearable battery-operated PEMF Therapy devices.

We are a new way of living and sleeping. We are not “therapy”.

The RBH or Resting Breath Hold Test shows how much longer the body can sustain itself on one full-breath of air (has been our test since 2003) to prove our PEMF system is working end by your massive improvements that start week one. Test your breath hold after 7 nights to see for yourself. It gets better for years.

As you might imagine, the longer you hold your breath, the better your mitochondria are converting oxygen to ATP. Pretty simple and quickly proves our PEMF system works (other effects also prove it).

Ergogenic or Sports Performance Enhancement effects on Strength and Stamina show by the end of the very first week. Exercise-induced “soreness” going way down are attributed to lower levels of Lactic Acid being produced. Listen to a client in the audio file below.

Anti-Ageing / Longevity you will have to see for yourself (though you’ll feel a lot better within days) as the decades pass and you watch others around you starting to look old.

Once you find you love it (almost everyone does nearly immediately), tell your friends or clients about the Best-Kept Secret on Earth, while offering them 10% off as your friend.

We don’t advertise at all. Clients’ word of mouth only at how well our Sleep PEMF works

Our Sleep PEMF is better than any approved PEMF Therapy device by FAR; Our Sleep PEMF bio hacks your entire system while greatly enhancing sleep. NOTHING can do that

Deep sleep is required for proper nighttime repair, cellular detoxification, hormone synthesis, immune function and memory consolidation. You won’t read than anywhere else.  PHDs study Fruit Flies to discover why we sleep. They never arrived at a conclusion.

Our Sleep PEMF devices are designed to enhance the sleep process via brainwave entrainment and biohacking the entire system (mitochondria), to improve rest and enhance recovery. Daytime performance enhancement will be recognized in a day or two and improved the longer you use our PEMF system. longevity / anti-Ageing you’ll have to experience for yourself. Our sleep PEMF entrains the brain to help promote shorter sleep onset and longer – deeper states of sleep; and subsequently to enhance mental and physical performance by mitochondrial enhancements.

Anti ageing/longevity benefits (spelled anti-aging previously) will be evident as the decades pass, as you notice others around you getting older, while you feel better and better.

Our PEMF Experimentation

Surprisingly, we found that exposing the body to very weak (less than 1/2 Gauss) pulsed north polarity electromagnetic field throughout the night through your mattress, helped promote sleep, vastly accelerated nighttime recovery mechanisms and vastly improved daytime performance.

Our PEMF systems are the only wellness devices in the world harnessing pulsed north polarity magnetic and electromagnetic fields for enhancing the natural circadian sleep & recovery states for improved repair and greatly enhanced daytime performance.

The ergogenic effects (athletic performance enhancement) resulting from sleeping in our pulsed, north-polarity electromagnetic field is unmatched by anything in the published literature by far. See our Latest Research via the Research tab in the navigation bar above.

Whether trying to break a world record in the 100-yard dash or just trying to walk around the block, our PEMF’s pulsed north polarity magnetic and electromagnetic field provides unparalleled results by biohacking your entire system

Low EMF Power Supply for our Sleep PEMF Biohacking Devices

Since March 2017 everything we do is Low EMF and powered by our 12v DC power supply with a snap-on pin adapter for every region on Earth. Our v8 power supply is better at Low EMF than previous models v5 and v6. The cleaner signal results in even better sleep than previous versions.  

We do after delivery, work to Low EMF each of our Power Supplies and add our own cable to it. They may exist, but we can’t find another Low EMF power supply.

We researched electric stimulation from 1996, pulsed magnetic fields and pulsed magnetic field therapy, and RF and EMF dangers since 1999.

Better sleep, brainwave enhancement, faster recovery, enhanced performance, and longevity / anti-ageing (spelled anti-aging previously); all effects that simply can’t be achieved any other way, but for sleeping in our low emf, pulsed north polarity electromagnetic field at night.

Perform at your best and slow down the ageing process with our PEMF systems.

“He was in shock. After 40 years he was able to wiggle his toes and flex his foot with very little pain! I had him walk a little. He could do so without the use of his cane at a better pace than before. It has now been a week later. He can still flex his foot/toes and walk without the use of his cane. Even up and down stairs. Houston we have his attention!!”

PEMF Research

This website contains a huge database of PEMF Therapy research studies to educate you on how far back the history of PEMF goes.

These electromedicine research review studies, research studies, and articles are based on more than 6 decades of peer-reviewed PEMF, TMS, rTMS, and electric stimulation therapy research. Curating the PEMF therapy bibliographies have contributed to our designing the most full-featured, least expensive yet most powerful, and portable PEMF devices for sale anywhere on Earth, by far.

Our Latest Research at the top of the Research list shows you our latest experiments and experience using our pulsed north polarity magnetic and electromagnetic fields for improved sleep, rapid recovery, and cellular regeneration. See how quick and easy it is to do epigenetic enhancement and improve your sleep with our pulsed electromagnetic fields. Our Resting Breath Hold Test explains how our Performance Enhancement and Anti Ageing effects are derived.

After a few weeks I felt like I’d grown a 3rd lung.” 

~ Super Human Radio Host Carl Lanore

Do you want to get old? Feel and perform a decade (or two) younger by 60 days or contact support to return it.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a genius and master of frequency & vibration. He is a known numerologist. In one famous photograph of him (shown) Tesla sits in front of a giant PEMF coil, though it was probably 60 Hz AC (alternating current), which may have tuned the brain high for reading but did not help him age well.

Tesla did not live long, nor look good for his age before his death at 87. He is the father of Alternating Current. He invented radio control and famously had a radio control boat in 1898. Tesla was a genius and you can find many historical references to him. Tesla invented a lot of things and won the war of the Currents where Edison’s DC current lost out to Tesla’s AC current; chosen as the worldwide standard (50 & 60 Gz) due to being able to be transported more easily than DC.

Knowing what we do about frequency and errant EMFs, AC should have been distributed to the home where it should have been turned to DC.

Tesla was fascinated by the 3, 6, and 9; and had an uncanny understanding of frequency and vibration. While he was a genius, he failed to know that sitting in front of the large coil that was probably AC and running at power frequency was probably not a beneficial thing to do. While it may have entrained his brain for better reading, overall it wasn’t a beneficial thing to do.

Otto Schumann

Otto Schumann is credited with discovering the magnetic field frequency of planet Earth at 7.83 Hz. It is known as the Schumann resonance and is known as necessary for human and other animal existence.  Schumann resonances, a series of low-frequency resonances caused by lightning discharges in the atmosphere.  A famous study put healthy students in a Schumann Resonance shielded underground room and the formerly healthy occupants began to get sick within weeks.

Routine night-long PEMF through your existing mattress enhances the sleep process, radically accelerates short & long-term recovery, slows down the ageing process, and increases strength, stamina & breath hold with no effort whatsoever but going to your own bed and sleeping better than you probably ever have. Nothing enhances life like our PEMF.

At the USA Grand Prix meet I swam the 5th fastest time in the world this year in the 50M. A week later I dropped a full second off my best time in the 100M which was the second fastest time in the world this year, a top 10 of ALL-TIME!”

Our PEMF device systems start at just $599 (pet model is perhaps infinitely better than what we had in 2002-2004) and come with the most liberal 90-Day satisfaction offer you’ll find. Either our PEMF works for you or you return it between 30 and 90 days. Feel and perform a decade (or two) younger or return it. No PEMF device system on Earth, no matter how strong or at any price can surpass the cumulative effects of our night-long, in-your-own bed PEMF device use.

Our PEMF is Better Than Any Approved or Unapproved PEMF Therapy Device on Earth.

Our PEMF devices provide better sleep & recovery than even Mother-Nature intended when used at night-time on a regular basis. Augment your reality. Nothing comes close to Our PEMF for wellness, longevity, and performance enhancement benefits; because No PEMF therapy device on Earth works the same way as Our PEMF throughout the night to energetically enhance your reality.

Since 2002 our patented, nighttime, PEMF devices and methods, have enhanced the sleep, recovery, and daytime performance of close to 20,000 people just like you. Feedback and reviews from our users (and their pets) have helped us design the most efficient PEMF devices for sale on the planet.

Using our Sleep PEMF device takes no time whatsoever as it is used primarily from under your mattress at night, to lull you into the best sleep you’ve had in years or ever. Nothing on Earth works like our Sleep PEMF, and it works head-to-toe regardless of whether you choose a single or double electromagnet system. Two magnets are better than one as are more power and disbursed better, but one magnet is infinitely better than none.

Priceless sleep, radically accelerated short & long term recovery, enhanced daytime performance and incredible anti-ageing effects. Either be very happy during your first 60 days or and contact Support for instructions to return by or about by 90 days.

The ergogenic athletic performance enhancement effects of our PEMF systems exceed anything reported in the scientific literature for increasing strength, stamina, VO2 Max or averting training-induced soreness. 

Unlike hypoxic training, hyperbaric oxygen or PEMF therapy systems, Our PEMF takes absolutely no effort at all other than turning it on when going to bed. It works synergistically with all nutritional programs and appears to qualify as an adaptogen and anabolic when paired with rigorous physical training.

Our PEMF has zero impact on your awake-time. Better price, more power, super convenient, affects wellness and longevity while it enhances executive and athletic performance. PRICELESS!

Our Sleep PEMF is not like other PEMF Devices

Our PEMF technology is a new way of living and sleeping that cumulatively surpasses the effects of any PEMF therapy device for sale on Earth, no matter how expensive or how powerful it may be.

Sleeping inside the infrasonic cocoon created by our patented, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field each night, precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequencies will leave you feeling clear-headed, sharp, full of energy, and with a renewed zest for life.

Our entire frequency range is under 15 Hz, and with these magnetic frequencies we can give you the best sleep you’ve had in decades AND help wake you up at a specific time in the morning; or to help keep you alert through the night when you need it, with less or no caffeine.

Our frequency spectrum overlaps the stress-free human brainwave pattern perfectly. By no mistake, these frequencies are also particularly active at the sub-cellular, mitochondrial level.

Within 7 days, our clients routinely find they have more strength / stamina and better sleep than they’ve had in decades – or ever in their life. If at your genetic peak, you can stop age-related degradation while setting new personal performance records. If you’re over or feeling over the hill, we’ll have you feeling a decade (or two) younger in 90 days or return it.

Our PEMF devices used in your own bed each night produces routine effects magnetic therapy systems can’t ever hope to achieve.

Our PEMF isn’t PEMF therapy, it’s a new way of living and sleeping.

Vastly Improved Sleep

  • Healthier Endocrine System

Enhanced Mood

Enhanced Mobility

Virtual Elimination of Workout Induced Muscle Soreness – you won’t get sore to begin with no matter how hard you train, or how much you change your training regimen

  • May avoid anaerobic metabolism altogether and/or avoid production of lactic acid

Incredibly Enhanced Aerobic Recovery Immediately After High-Intensity Effort

Vastly Easier Breathing Under Load of Stairs, Hills & During High-Intensity Sport

Greatly Accelerated Recovery

Improved Mental Focus & Executive Performance

  • Shortened Reaction Time
  • Enhanced Hand – Eye – Motor Coordination
  • Sharpened Spacial Orientation
  • Arrested Age Related Vision Loss
  • Improved Typing Speed and Accuracy

Enhanced Levels of Saturated Blood & Tissue Oxygen (up to 6% SAO2 when below 100% at baseline in just 7 days); even at altitude

  • Proportionately Lower Levels of Oxidative Stress
  • Slows Natural Aging Process (reverses Ageing for several years)

Increased Flexibility (especially in the morning upon waking)

  • Particularly Lumbar

Surprisingly Enhanced Peak Strength

  • 10% in 7 days; up to an additional 10% over 90 days no matter who you are; greater % if critically debilitated

Surprisingly Enhanced Stamina

  • 20% in 7 days; up to an additional 20% over 90 days; greater if debilitated at baseline

Add 5 seasons to the end of any professional athletic career

  • Amateurs can stay competitive for extra decades

Your Body is BioElectric, Enhance the Charges Required

Effective PEMF therapy has beneficial effects on all the cells of the body and that’s the reason why our Sleep PEMF systems work as well as they do.

Magnetic Field Deficiency causes premature ageing and health detriment of mind and spirit. Magnetic field enhancement at our frequencies improves your sleep while improving your nightly recovery and your physical / mental performance.

Our Sleep PEMF technology enhances magnetic field every night on a cellular level. Feel a decade (or two) younger in 90 days or return it. You’ll probably notice the difference in one night, but we give you 90 days. Nothing has that guarantee and you have nothing to lose but feeling bad and having bad sleep. Magnetic Field Deficiency was first identified by the Japanese scientists decades ago.

Our Sleep PEMF devices are simply better than PEMF Therapy devices that are available from anyone.


Please review Ergogenic PEMF for Enhanced Athletic Performance and see our Sleep PEMF Tech-Specs to make a fully informed decision about the most revolutionary wellness, longevity and performance enhancement tool on Earth. Stop age-related performance loss in its tracks, reverse it and start setting personal performance records in just 30 days! Stop getting older and start getting better by selecting your Sleep PEMF system today.

Whether climbing Mount Everest without oxygen tanks or just having trouble climbing out of your favorite chair, Our Sleep PEMF is for you.

World’s Only PEMF Anti Ageing System

Our Sleep PEMF device is the world’s first age-reversal system. By tuning cells’ for improved oxygen metabolism, our PEMF creates an environment where body and mind thrive.  Please see The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging in Reverse.

World's Only Magnetic Sleep-Machine

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Our Sleep PEMF is the world’s first brain-entrainment system for sleep and neurowellness. Sleep PEMF entrains brain-wave toward deeper sleep FAR more efficiently than light and sound machines that have no cellular effects. See our Sleep Machine page for more info.

PEMF Therapy for Elderly or Injured Pets

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The therapeutic effects of Our™ PEMF machines work just as well on pets as they do on humans,…maybe even better. Our unique combination of PEMF anti-aging and recovery benefits will be noticeable in just a few days. No placebo effect possible. Learn more about PEMF Therapy for Pets.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

sports perfomance pemf magnetic therapyOur Sleep PEMF is the world’s strongest ergogenic aid. Remarkable athletic performance enhancement. More-ATP with lower oxidative load. Peak strength, stamina and “wind” under load soar. See Athletic Performance Enhancement – Biohacking Sleep & Sports Performance with PEMF for more info.

Growing Giants with Sleep PEMF

gaint fish pic earthpulse We recently experimented using PEMFs for enhancing growth and size of fish. See our Growing Giants page for more info.

PEMF And Tissue Regeneration

pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for pain relief Rather than providing symptomatic relief from pain, our Sleep PEMF promotes ATP production and enhanced blood & tissue oxygen for accelerated healing of damaged and debilitated cells. See PEMF for Pain Bibliography to learn how PEMF helps in chronic pain conditions. Don’t believe us how well PEMF works; read the peer reviewed research.