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EarthPulse™ ProBasic v6 PEMF Device

EarthPulse ProBasic PEMF Device

The v6 ProBasic is great for sleep, recovery, pets; basically anything our full function v6 Pro two magnet system does without the stepping up and down Sleep, Recover, Alert and Entrainment Program Modes. Same 1100 peak Gauss per electromagnet as our other PEMF Systems.

Choose any frequency between 1 Hz and 14.4 Hz for sleep, meditation or recovery up to 12 hours. We find no matter which of the 9.6 Hz or lower harmonic settings are used, recovery is super FAST, requiring less overall time in bed.

Choose your favorite frequency for sleep, set timer and go to sleep. In the morning the frequency will jump to 14.4 Hz for an hour at end of timer to help you wake refreshed. Great for the professional that wants to shorten time in bed without sacrificing performance one tiny-little bit. The inventor has been sleeping 6 hours per night at 9.6 Hz for more than a year without noticing any signs of sleep deprivation.


Product will be added to cart on (our worldwide distribution & customer care portal). All new orders are v6.

+0.5 – 14.4 Hz

+2200 Gauss

+Manual Mode

+2 Electromagnets

+Lifetime Support

+90-day money back


+$49 Worldwide Shipping