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PEMF Therapy for Lyme Disease – Electrocute Your Lyme (and Other infections)

PEMF therapy for lyme infection and AC current electric stimulation is a hypothetical solution for chronic-lyme infection utilising 20,000 Gauss type PEMF therapy systems and / or AC electric stimulation AKA the Beck Protocol (see links below). At billions & trillions of times smaller than you are, it takes a hellovalot less electricity to kill those invaders than it would you take to kill or even maim you. Electrocute your Lyme and more than likely rid yourself of any kind of fungal, viral or bacterial infection.

electrocute your lyme disease with PEMF

Lyme is a hot topic these days with the CDC swearing up and down that the current short course of anti-biotic therapy is enough. If you trust those guys after the CDC vaccine whistleblowers, then the fluoride has performed it’s intended job on you. We’ve had ticks for eons…yet all of a sudden they’re carrying a nasty disease spreading organism??? There are some, including this author, that believe Ticks were weaponised at the Plum Island bio weapons facility sitting in the middle of Long Island Sound (very close to Lyme Ct.).

Plum Island appears to have been the site of experiments with disease-infected ticks conducted by Nazi scientists (Traub) brought into the United States under Project Paperclip. Like I said earlier, a similar condition was discovered in Europe during the early 20th century. This aligns with the time that Traub was in charge of the Third Reich’s virological and bacteriological warfare program. Coincidence? I think not. Was Traub involved with experiments that led to the spread of Lyme Disease?

Yankee Magazine, under the Freedom of Information Act, revealed Plum Island’s work included “virus outbreaks, biological meltdowns, infected workers, contaminated raw waste flushed into the Sound … and experimental tick colonies, bred for research on vector-borne diseases.”

Jesse Ventura’s expose on Plum Island.

lyme borrelia bacteria causes Alzheimer's and other neurological disease

23 May 2016 Outbreak News Today


Killing Disease Causing Organisms With Electricity:

I’d forgotten about his story. During Law School somewhere around 1991 I’d done a huge arm workout with a buddy while visiting him Las Vegas. We went out drinking and after 7 or 8 Heineken’s, I passed out drunk on his couch sleeping on my folded-up right arm. I woke up with a horrible frozen elbow  not able to open more than 1/2 way. Forearm / triceps / biceps muscle spasm of my life and was unable to straighten my arm fully for weeks. A month or two later while searching for help I stumbled into an Indian Chiropractor who practiced at Point Dume, Malibu and 3 sessions with TENS later, i was “cured”. I thought that was the extent of electric stimulation and since 1991 was for all intent and purpose was before Internet and the World Wide Web.

Fast forward to 1996.

Bob Beck is how I first learned of “electromedicine” or “electrotherapy” and since that day in 1996 electricity always seemed to me to be the most logical way to kill off microscopic invaders. I suppose now that my experience with TENS made me so open to the idea. When entering this field of electric and magnetic stimulation in 1996, it was by performing the Bob Beck electric and magnetic protocols on myself. And much of that 30 – 45 day protocol was spent on a 28.8 dial up modem learning everything i would about electromedicine. Since that time in 1996, I’m 20 years without so much as a cold or flu because of that Beck-Protocol.

I never leave home without my Bob-Beck silver-pulser. Small, portable emergency careEven if you’re in “perfect” health, a 30-45 day Bob-Beck blood pulser protocol will do you a world of good. We earn nothing through these links.

The 1 pulse per 4 seconds (strong model) Bob Beck Electromagnetic Pulser is rated at 6,000 Gauss (6 KiloGauss). The Blood Pulser and Colloidal Silver maker is called the silver pulser. It puts enough current through the blood stream to disable any bacteria present if attached at the wrist in parallel with the vein and artery. Watch out for Herxheimer’s Reaction from bacterial die off. It’s one way to know it’s working…just overdo the introductory week protocol and you’ll find out the hard way.

The Magnetic Pulser coil-paddle is relatively small. Full body sessions take a long time to move all around the front and back of the body. If you’re treating your guts or inside your joints, you’re down to 3000 Gauss at 1 inch. At 2 inches down to 1500 Gauss and any killing effects in my opinion would be impossible. The coil heats by end of second 20 minute cycle and a break is required. I found thorough  full body treatment painstakingly slow.

The Beck blood stim (Silver-Pulser) unit on the other hand provides more than enough current to kill organisms that float by in the blood when attached at the artery and vein on one the wrist. With more tissue volume than your wrist (say a shoulder for instance where bacterial infection has caused arthritic-like symptoms), it’s not possible to draw the electrical current necessary with a 9 volt battery. Knock the infection back?… yes; eradicate it?…not likely if it’s in your joints. Read this article on bacterial infection and arthritis. It refers to Equine cases but makes a lot of sense. Why not in humans? 

The article Electrocute Your Lyme Disease is directly on point with where i’m leading you. However, i’m not hypothesising about knocking back the infection,…the goal here is eradicating it completely.

I believe STRONG PEMF  as far above motor threshold as user can comfortably endure (strong enough to cause large muscle groups to twitch) is the way to get enough current to flow though large enough areas of tissue so that one can reliably treat the entire body in under an hour every day (or every other day) until the infection – any infection, even Lyme borellia in it’s cyst-form, is fully eradicated. This should work for any type of infection,…even morgellons. Just “fry” them. On the other hand it could be determined that AC current AKA Bob Beck style electric currents are required for complete eradication.

Strong PEMF systems cause a spike of voltage to flow in adjacent tissues to the rope style coil. The coils are relatively large so that it covers a wide surface area and powerful enough to provide killing fields over a wide area and deep inside the body. A large enough spike to cause those Tesla style sparks to fly you see in the pictures. Notice in the image at the top the chain is 4 or more inches away from the coil!

You can imagine what’d happen if you were a tiny little body invader being subjected to that type of energy for 5 minutes every day for a month. Click the image above to watch the video (trying to recover that link).

I tend to believe the magnitude should be above motor threshold just to be sure. If the magnetic field in the video was above motor threshold, the woman’s hands would be twitching in time with the spark output.  Is interesting to note that in the video’s i’ve seen of holding chain in front of these coils, the hands are not twitching. Perhaps the chain has some way of directing the electromotive force away from the muscles. I’ve seen the same systems in video providing strong muscle contraction across the entire upper torso.

Invasion Of the Body (and Mind) Snatchers:

We’ve been hearing from more and more people over the years who’ve been diagnosed with lyme disease. If diagnosed and treated with high dose antibiotics for a few weeks, it’s reported by the CDC that 2/3rd of people fully recover. Those that don’t however are in for a very, very bad time. From insomnia and painful joints to diagnoses of full blown neurological disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, MS or ALS.


klinghardt lyme disease rampant in Parkinson's, ALS, MS, Alzheimer's - PEMF therapy


According to Dr. Kinghardt, he’s never had a patient with Parkinson’s that didn’t test positive for lyme. This is probably why our success with Parkinson’s has gotten worse over time since 2002 regardless of the many hardware improvements we’ve made. More and more people who find us with Parkinson’s are probably suffering from Lyme disease. EarthPulse™ will have no effect on Lyme but make it more active. If you have Lyme, you don’t want to use EP until you’ve cleared the infection.

Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, this award winning video Under Our Skin is worth millions since I can’t describe with any justice what some people with chronic Lyme have to live with. For the record, I am not a proponent of long term-antibiotics.

Then there’s this relatively entertaining video outlining in 30 minutes what the average Lyme sufferer can expect to go through before getting a proper diagnosis. He gives you several sources for the most accurate tests but Igenex seems to be the gold standard with least amount of false negatives. It ain’t cheap. But left undiagnosed, lyme can result in a host of physical and neurological issues.

Below is that chap’s long video where he mentions his electromedical (and other types of) remedies including the Doug Coil, Rife and Bob Beck systems. He’s close, but not hitting the nail on the head.


The Solution to Lyme and Other Stealth Infections Just May Be Very Strong PEMF:

It is my belief you’ll be hard pressed to find anything other than strong PEMF to be able to relatively-safely electrocute lyme in the brain and the rest of your tissues. It’s similar in strength to FDA approved rTMS – repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression; and there appear to be very few issues with that. Full body antimicrobial treatments should be spaced out and short to begin with, so as to avoid Herxheimer’s reaction.

One important last note is that Bob Beck used AC current in his electric stim system. So electrons were moving back and forth through the invaders. Images like those shown here are created by pulsed DC systems. So, any current induced in cells would also be DC.

Is AC current a more reliable alternative? It very well may be.

We do not sell equipment even remotely similar to these high power PEMF or Beck-type systems. As we believe it best to battle health challenges on as many levels as possible,… Ozone and home brewed Colloidal Silver were also an integral parts of the Beck Protocol.

electrocute lyme with strong PEMF

Electrocute Lyme in the brain with strong PEMF. Panos Pappas demonstrating the safety of his system on his head. Click image to read (with a grain of salt) the hit-piece that got his systems banned in U.S.



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