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PTSD & Electromagnetic Therapy – Post Traumatic Stress PEMF rTMS Published Research

Our Active Military / Vets’ Our™ PEMF Price Program.

PTSD contributes to the suicide rates among active U.S. troops climbed 13% in 2018. Suicide is getting worse and we’re serious about how PEMF therapy helps PTSD and perhaps whatever else ails these troops or x troops. PTSD currently takes 22 vets per day by suicide.

Research in the field of Magnetic Therapy for PTSD using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF as rTMS) is exploding toward the end of 2014. All available published PEMF therapy for PTSD research data is in the realm of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) please find in bibliography below.

rTMS is either very weak or very – very strong pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF directly to the head.

“I have been using the “EarthPulse” device for the last 5 weeks and it has changed my life. The VA rated me at 50% disability for PTSD. My mood has changed dramatically. I never believed I could have a normal life again.”

These rTMS sessions are rather short up to 30 minute applications, up to 5 times per week. Published PEMF therapy for PTSD research appears “promising” but if you search under enough rocks there are real life stories of veterans reporting miraculous effects on depression and other PTSD related symptoms.

With Vet suicides standing at over 17 PER DAY and rising in this report, why is the VA standing around with their thumbs in their u-know-what? Shout it from the roof tops!…”PULSED MAGNETIC FIELDS PROVIDE (AT LEAST) A  REMEDY FOR SYMPTOMS OF PTSD!” If the VA won’t help you, you owe it to yourself and your family to help yourselves and we give vets a steep discount and the same 90 Day Guarantee. A basic light with a veteran’s discount is way way way better than nothing and you can add metal parts to the magnet later for full amplitude when you want at the same Vet Discount.

“HE LOVES IT and no one could pry it from him! His PSTD nightmares (twice a week) have stopped over the past month.”

‘Brain zapping’: Veterans say experimental PTSD treatment has changed their lives – The Washington Post  By Richard Leiby dated January 12, 2015 (This article contains evidence of miraculous effects on autism too). Read it carefully for a rather disappointing statement by a spokesperson for the U.S. Military.

PEMF Therapy for PTSD

Whatever rTMS does in 30-minute sessions 5 days a week, at least one type of PEMF can do just as well if not better by restoring the production of ATP systemically throughout all the tissues in a process we call MoreATP.

“After 40 years he was able to wiggle his toes and flex his foot with very little pain!  Houston, we have his attention.”

MoreATP offers a theoretical explanation for a massive increase in the production of ATP not just in nerve synapse junctions. Tong proved 3x baseline nerve synapse junction potential in just minutes. MoreATP proposes that the rise in nerve synapse junction (electrical) potential is due to enhanced oxygen metabolism by the cell. All the cells, not just grey matter.

Improved O2 metabolism results in enhanced saturated blood oxygen and subsequently higher tissue oxygen levels. The oxygen that gets metabolized fully, not unlike adding a turbo-charger to an internal combustion engine.

The oxygen delivered to the cell yields more ATP with less oxidative waste. More energy that can be converted to healing injured tissues, synthesizing hormones and neurotransmitter chemicals, enhancing immune function and memory consolidation.

Our™ PEMF Therapy for PTSD & Recovery From Injuries

“From day/night one I have been able to sleep. I had not been able to get a good nights sleep for years. I hated to try to go to bed at night.”

Our™ PEMF therapy for PTSD provides long term exposure to a relatively weak pulsed electromagnetic field PEMF. At home while helping you sleep better than you did before you went off to your first war-zone. Maybe even better than as you remember as a kid. We believe these effects and others can be traced to MoreATP

We offer Veterans up to 40% discount by faxing or emailing copy of discharge and disability documents in advance. Below please find our Veteran’s discount schedule.

  1. We don’t care what country you served.
  2. If you have discharge papers it’s worth a 20% discount at time of order by sending us copies of your discharge. Returning the completed feedback form document will trigger an additional 10% rebate.
  3. If you have a disability rating we’ll give you 30% off at the time of order if you’ll agree to send us a copy of the disability rating. Returning the completed feedback form document will trigger an additional 10% rebate; 40% off total.
  4. If you have a greater than 25% disability due to PTS(D) and send us a copy of the disability rating we’ll give you 40% off at time of order and another 10% rebate for returning the feedback form complete to 90 days; 50% off the total.

Most options above cost less money than it’ll cost for a California road trip for free treatment of PTSD from the clinic in the article linked above. We’ll help you get your life back together with the same 90-day trial guarantee we offer everyone else. Feel and Perform a Decade or Two Younger in 90-Days or return for full refund. You’ll start getting your life put back together in a few days.

EarthPulse™ tunes the trillions of mitochondria in your brain for more ATP, so damaged tissues have the energy to help them regain function to promote hormone, neuro-chemical and neurotransmitter synthesis and production to seek balance. The body is healing itself with a several Gauss field or less over hours of exposure rather than getting “banged around” by a 20,000 Gauss rTMS machine requiring travel to & from. It may take a few more days (or not) for changes to be evident, but the effects are longer lasting and can be done on your couch or in your own bed.

RTMS won’t affect your other damaged body-parts either. Though systemic pain levels are positively effected by rTMS, this could be due to the fact that a 20K Gauss field propelled through the head will spread down the body as a matter of physics. Perhaps it is brain effects only that cause the pain reduction,… we don’t pretend to know.

The EarthPulse helps promote your body healing all those other body parts, not just the brain. Knees, Ankles, Hips, Shoulders, Spine….whatever. While you sleep, better than you have for years, maybe ever. Steep discount and a 3 month trial period return for full refund guarantee. What are you waiting for? If you have questions about PEMF and PTS, drop us an message.

My science/biz partner John P was initially very skeptical. John just turned 76 and has a broken body from earlier years in the military as a survival trainer and paratrooper, breaking many, many bones, multiple times. On one occasion, 40 years ago, he nearly severed his leg below the knee with only skin holding it together. A gifted military surgeon put him back together so that he had a leg and could sort of walk. His injured foot was basically immobilized, limiting its use with a walking cane for balance with constant chronic pain and a feeling of cold. Over the last couple of years, he has had to resort full-time to using a cane to walk. Anyway, I had him put the magnetic pulser under his foot with the ring on at 100% recover for ONE HOUR — ONLY ONE TIME. He was in shock. After 40 years he was able to wiggle his toes and flex his foot with very little pain! I had him walk a little. He could do so without the use of his cane at a better pace than before. It has now been a week later. HE CAN STILL FLEX HIS FOOT/TOES AND WALK WITHOUT THE USE OF HIS CANE, EVEN NAVIGATING UP AND DOWNSTAIRS. THE CONSTANT INTENSE PAIN IN HIS TOES AND BOTTOM FOOT IS STILL GONE ALONG WITH THE FEELING OF COLD — ALL FROM A ONE HOUR TREATMENT!!! HOUSTON, WE HAVE HIS ATTENTION!! Cheers, John


BTW, John P got a third session on his foot today. This time for 2 hours. He is first of all astounded that, though he has had some returning discomfort, he has still been able to walk without his cane. After the results of his first treatment, which I’ve described previously, his ankle still had chronic non-stop pain (the pain is caused by a synthetic fabric imbedded in his ankle tissue (40 year old technology – that hurt from day one). After the last 2 hour session, now his ankle pain is gone!I cannot begin to tell you what this has meant to him. John


John P. is continuing to do amazingly well with your unit and is using it over more parts of his damaged body everyday. HE LOVES IT and no one could pry it from him! As I asked him about your request today, he shared with me that his PSTD nightmares (twice a week) have stopped over the past month and attributes it to EP. He has been keeping a journal. He will be working on a formal letter which I will send to you this week. I think even you might be amazed! J


Dear Gentlemen at VT, (Veterans Today)
I have been using the “EarthPulse” device for the last 5 weeks and it has changed my life. The VA rated me at 50% disability for PTSD. I served with the Charlie Company, 4/39th 9th Infantry Div. from Nov., 1968 to July, 1969. Col. David Hackworth, was my Battalion Co. Forty two of us were assigned to Charlie Company on the same day. My company was the first company pulled out of Nam when Nixon announced the Troop Withdrawals. Out of the original 42 only 7 of us made the flight to Hawaii. Everone else was either killed or wounded so badly I never saw them again. Six out of the remaining 7 had one or more Purple Hearts. To say my nerves were a little frayed would be putting it mildly.

I had not been able to get a good nights sleep for years and I refused to take any meds the doctors offered because of a bad experience I had with the anti depressants they gave me in the 90s. I hated to try to go to bed at night. I would lay there and stare at the ceiling, sleep for a few minutes and then wake up again. If I did get to sleep I often dreamed about getting orders to go back for another tour in Nam. I would get up every day exhausted. During the last year I was also becoming very irritable and anxious. I did not want to drive the car or go anywhere. I did not want to be around people. My wife was getting worn out with me, too.

From day/night one I have been able to sleep. I do not always sleep thru the night but I am able to get back to sleep quickly and I get up in the morning looking forward to the day. My mood has changed dramatically. I have only had a couple of mild episodes of becoming becoming anxious and irritable. My wife even said “the old Harv is back”. That nearly brought tears to my eyes. I used to think about Nam at least once a day. I hardly give it a thought now. I never believed I could have a normal life again. I was thinking about calling it quits. The “Earth Pulse” device has saved my marriage and my life. It also knocked out my wife’s mygraine headaches and my lower back pain which is a big plus for both of us.

With out a doubt, purchasing this device is the best investment, in myself, that I have ever made. I would not have a life today without it. It comes with a 40% discount for Vets, which makes it very affordable. Please feel free to share this information. I honestly believe the EarthPulse unit can save lives.

Sincerely, Harvey S. 

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