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EarthPulse™ New Product Release - Nov 2015 Bioelectric News Digest

Introducing 2 New EarthPulse™

EarthPulse™ launches 2 new PEMF systems starting at just $499! The v5Basic and the ProBasic are just as powerful as the rest of the v5 series. As always, existing registered clients get a 20% discount, contact us to get the coupon code if you missed it. If you haven’t upgraded to v5 yet, now is the perfect time to give yourself a early holiday gift or pick one or two up as presents. Consider it the holiday sale of the year.

This month we’re happy to announce the release of two new PEMF therapy devices. Let me explain why I’m so happy to announce the release of the v5Basics.

First of all, they’re more affordable and within reach of more people. Second, quite frankly, the inventor (me) rarely if ever runs Recover-Mode or any of the Sleep-Modes at night, strictly manual mode.

After 9 months of using Manual-Mode almost exclusively now, I decided to offer the v5Basic and ProBasic with Manual-Mode only.

The Manual-Mode can be used to set any frequency between 1 – 14.1 Hz for up to 12 hours. We have also added wake-up 14.1 Hz to awaken the user at the end of the timer settting.

We recommend 9.6 Hz or sub-harmonics (4.8, 3.6 or 2.4 Hz) for sleep use where 9.6 Hz is too fast for user. See our article – Why 9.6 Hz to know more about these frequencies and their amazing therapeutic effects.

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Neuromodulation using tDCS as compared to PEMF, PEMF Wins!


Transcranial direct current stimulation tDCS is continuing to get a lot of press. After playing with it for a few weeks, after playing with pulsed current stimulation, I’m convinced that almost anything tDCS can do, PEMF can probably do better,…while you sleep.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill have increased creativity using 10 Hz tPCS (transcranial PULSED current stimulation). tDCS research is exploding exponentially with some 500+ studies added to PubMed in 2015. There are well funded players in this “field” but believe they’ve sacrificed functionality for sleek design. See Neuromodulation; tDCS vs PEMF.

None the less I’ll be continuing to experiment with it, and probably be releasing a cable system soon to turn your EP into a frequency specific pulsed millicurrent stimulation system. That’ll work for experimenting with transcranial pulsed current stimulation or on any body part for local stimulation.

My experimentation has been interesting, but trying to explain it won’t compare to experiencing it yourself.

Upgrade Kit

If you have a single magnet EarthPulse, you can add an additional magnet to your system.


tDCS Shown Effective for Fibromyalgia Pain

effects of PEMF as tCDS for Pain

tDCS has just been shown to be effective on fibromyalgia pain. The phase 2 clinical trial conducted by the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts showed tDCS resulted in 50% of study participants showing benefit of the 6 weeks long 5 days per week regimen.

Our track record on fibro since 2002 beats the pants off that study. See Magnetic Therapy for Fibromyalgia to read more.

PEMF & rTMS Erases Symptoms of PTSD


We’ve had the good fortune of working with a couple of individuals with PTSD this last year. The opportunities revealed our PEMF is more than adequately strong to provide fast and lasting changes. Instead of just working on the mental aspects, Our™ PEMF provides a war-ravaged body with relief even after 4 decades of constant pain.

See PEMF for PTSD to read more

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EarthPulse™ New Product Release – Nov 2015 Bioelectric News Digest