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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy – PEMF Reviews

PEMF Reviews Disclaimer:  PEMF client email reviews are unsolicited. These endorsements are not offered to suggest or imply you will achieve similar results. The FDA, FTC and Health Canada consider testimonials misleading. EarthPulse™ is strictly a sleep and performance enhancement PEMF device that will satisfactorily enhance your sleep and both physical & mental performance. These PEMF Reviews are included for those interested in doing PEMF research and to illustrate what PEMF is capable of facilitating. Our 90-day satisfaction guarantee and 5-year limited warranty back are the most liberal you’ll ever see. We don’t care why you buy an EarthPulse™ PEMF, you either love it as much as we do, or you return it.

More importantly, PEMF customer reviews help us introduce improvements to our PEMF products and services. Only by monitoring our users’ experiences have we been able to reach a 95% success rate.

90-day Feedback Program

The latest EarthPulse™ PEMF systems have been developed using feedback received from thousands of clients over email and using 90-day Feedback Program. Click to view latest 90-Day Feedback Forms

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EarthPulse™ PEMF customer reviews:

“Our health is superb for a pair of septuagenarians.”
Hi Paul, Old one on its way today, 6 days estimated. Many thanks for a system that has worked for the last 8-9 years and which we will continue to use once repaired. Our health is superb for a pair of septuagenarians. Thank you. H.Geoff
“The stiffness in my body is has reduced immensely since using it”
I have used the PEMF device EarthPulse™ V5.2 for 3 months and I have experienced the following: 1. A lot better and deeper sleep measured by my fitbit 2. The stiffness in my body is has reduced immensely since using it. I intend to use it for the foreseeable future. 3. I have more energy. Buddha D. ergogenic aid pemf device
“The vet called it a miracle, I call it ‘Earthpulse’.” – Stu
Hi, I just wondered if you may be interested in some video footage of my cats recovery process (from being run over) using your EarthPulse. My cat was ran over and the vet wanted to amputate her leg due to ‘irreparable nerve damage’. I told the vet not to amputate and let me try some alternate therapies at home. Using your Earthpulse product and other dietary interventions I managed to rebuild and reconnect her sciatic nerve and have her running after 3 months. All the info I could find online re this type of nerve damage said it would take at least a year to see any noticeable improvement if at all.The vet called it a miracle, I call it ‘Earthpulse’. 2 months later: Thanks for asking, yes Meowmi is doing wonderfully well I’m sure she runs faster and has more energy than before her accident and before using EarthPulse, she send’s her gratitude and a big loving Meow to you! I will jump back on and finish the video asap and get it to you hopefully soon. Best Regards, Stu
“I honestly can say that I have never slept so well in all my life..”
I have to tell you I am loving EP and that’s why I recommended it to Miranda! The only thing is that I need another because I travel so much and my poor husband is left without one!! I honestly can say that I have never slept so well in all my life and such beautiful deep undisturbed sleep. I am truly impressed with this and would be more than happy for you to share this as a testimonial about your product and I share that honestly and from my heart. I love it and feel energized and alive when I wake every morning and I know the EarthPulse is contributing to that vibrancy. I have actually recommended this to others here in Australia so hopefully you have been getting inquiries from Aus and selling this to our gorgeous Aussies to help them in wellness. Much love, grace and gratitude for all you do.  Theresa
“Hitting the golf ball further and even hitting it the same the distance with one less club.”
I have been using the Earthpulse for over 90 days and have noticed pain relief in shoulder and foot and improvement in my thumb pain. Sleeping better with more energy and recovery from exercise. Hitting the golf ball further and even hitting it the same the distance with one less club. My mood has also improved. Highly recommended. Everyone should experience some improvement in one area of their life from this.
“I haven’t had ONE migraine since June! I could no longer kneel. NOW, not only can I kneel, for some strange reason I need to… it feels so good. It feels like a relief, as though my joints want that position for a few minutes. What the heck?!”
Dearest Earthpulse! I love and adore you. The Earthpulse has completely changed my life. I actually sleep! I even sleep for 5 or 7 hrs at once! That is ridiculously amazing. I wake up and when I see the time I burst into laughter and happy tears at the mere thrill that I slept that long at one time. It’s still deliciously surreal!! It just keeps getting better, and I think I still need to explore the different frequencies more. I’m also back to doing yoga every single day after work, whereas before, I’d felt so tired, it was though I’d been drugged. I get home from work, and not only do I have the energy to do yoga, I cannot wait to do it. It’s the first thing I do. I haven’t had ONE migraine since June! And another problem I didn’t even put on my feedback form was sore knee joints. I noticed over the last few years they became very stiff and painful. If I crouched down it was painful and difficult to get up. I could no longer kneel. NOW, not only can I kneel, for some strange reason I need to… it feels so good. It feels like a relief, as though my joints want that position for a few minutes. What the heck?! Also, in July my 24 yr old daughter had a tonsillectomy. We were sent home with a large bottle of liquid Morphine and told, “now the nightmare begins”, and that it would be living a nightmare for 1-2 weeks, as tonsillectomies are much more difficult for adults. I set up my precious Earthpulse under my daughter’s mattress before leaving for the hospital. I was a little afraid to be without it myself! I wrote down every dose of Morphine and graphed it! My daughter barely used any morphine after the first 3 days, and she slept through the nights. Sometimes we’d laugh and she’d ask, “Am I supposed to be feeling this good?” I’d always tell her YES! The entire post-surgery experience was pretty darn easy, with very little pain, and no nightmare whatsoever. I feel that sleeping with the EarthPulse each night after surgery, on Recover mode, made all the difference in the world. I was so happy to have the EarthPulse back on the 8th day. Everyone should have an EarthPulse. Thank you so much for your creative brilliance!  Brightest blessings. Erica
“Fell 75′ onto boulders,…back full time in climbing gear as an Arborist…heights, chainsaws and falling branches.”
Cody, dropped by the farm after an uncharacteristic 6 month absence…seems he had gone up to Cornel to visit buds and fell from a guardrail while horsing around. Fell 75′ onto boulders and had spent that time healing in hospitals and home care…just a couple of weeks into mobility he was willing to try Earthpulse right there in the porch rocker…3 hours later he knew…he bought a v5Pro and has made tremendous progress by any measure…back full time in climbing gear as an Arborist…heights, chainsaws and falling branches…and, the confidence of knowing these too can be healed.
“I feel it has helped improve my performance at the gym”
Firstly I am really happy with the product! My grandmother had a head injury, during her recovery I got her to use the device and I feel the device made a difference in her speedy recovery, my Father’s sugar level has reduced significantly and my mother’s energy levels have increased. With me, I feel it has helped improve my performance at the gym.
“I ran the fastest 400 M sprint of my life this week” – Rickey P
One more thing: I ran the fastest 400 M sprint of my life this week. I do not know to what I should give my success! I added numerous pull-ups and glute ham-raise exercises to my workouts, adjusted my sprint training some, lost body fat as indicated by a personal trainer’s testing, lost weight (5 pounds), added your device to my sleep routine, and have added a few supplements. This was a 2-second improvement from 2009 and 2010, which is huge. Your machine helped a great deal!  After a week of Sleep 4 my sister Marla wrote me, ‘Thanks for changing my life. I haven’t felt like this is many many years.’ Ha, just wait until she hits Mode Recover!  Rickey P.
“Seasonal allergies are not as severe this spring.”
Sleep quality is good for spring allergy season (last spring would wake several times a night for sinus pressure). Also feel better in the morning this allergy season. Peripheral neuropathology is much better but not totally cleared up. Wife is getting relief from carpal tunnel pain and is sleeping better, longer.  
“EarthPulse is my life support.”
Funny you say that. Doctors say they cant believe at three weeks i have stopped all medication and walking with no sticks and no limp. The EarthPulse is my life support and I don’t go anywhere with out it. Best Regards Brian
Today, seven months later, Sadie walks, runs, and wags a tail she can’t feel” – Carol H. 
Dear EarthPulse, Sadie, our four year old Dachshund was paralyzed, and had lumbar spinal surgery. Still, her chance of ever walking again was 50-50. We put EarthPulse under her crate. I knew right away that it was helping her. If the EarthPulse was off she whined til we turned it on, again. Then she could rest, sleep and recuperate. At Sadie’s 2 month re-check the vet said, “I am delighted with her progress. I had planned to give you info on wheels for her rear legs. But, this dog does not need wheels.” Sadie, was hopping around with her back legs, even though she is “paralyzed”. Today, seven months later, Sadie walks, runs, and wags a tail she can’t feel. Thank you EarthPulse! Carol H. Jacksonville, Florida
 “Overall my sleep has dramatically improved, not sure if i can put a number on it, but probably somewhere around 80%” – Martin
Well you have an amazing device for sure…overall my sleep has dramatically improved, not sure if i can put a number on it, but probably somewhere around 80%, and it seems to get better as the weeks go by…I have played with all of the different modes, and right now I’m somewhere between sleep mode 3 and recovery mode (last night was the first full night on recovery mode and did about 7.5 hours of sleep–felt amazing). my hope is too keep going on recovery mode most nights, as you suggest. BTW, on my first ‘session’ in recovery mode, didn’t really sleep, just very relaxed. I’ve got some old good slaughters disease cropping up in my left knee (bump on top of the tibia)…so I’ve tried direct application a few times and seem to get some immediate reduction in inflammation...will attempt to do an all night application with cross ring applied soon.
 “After 40 years he was able to wiggle his toes and flex his foot with very little pain!!” – John
My science/biz partner John P, was initially very skeptical. John just turned 76 and has a broken body from earlier years in the military as a survival trainer and paratrooper, breaking many, many bones, multiple times. On one occasion, 40 years ago, he severed his leg below the knee with only skin holding it together. A gifted military surgeon put him back together so that he had a leg and could sort of walk. His injured foot was basically immobilized, limiting its use with a walking cane for balance with constant chronic pain and a feeling of cold. Over the last couple of years, he has had to resort full-time to using a cane to walk. Anyway, I had him put the mag pulse under his foot with the ring on at 100% recover for ONE HOUR — ONLY ONE TIME. He was in shock. After 40 years he was able to wiggle his toes and flex his foot with very little pain!!! I had him walk a little. He could do so without the use of his cane at a better pace than before. It has now been a week later. HE CAN STILL FLEX HIS FOOT/TOES AND WALK WITHOUT THE USE OF HIS CANE, EVEN NAVIGATING UP AND DOWNSTAIRS… THE CONSTANT INTENSE PAIN IN HIS TOES AND BOTTOM FOOT IS STILL GONE ALONG WITH THE FEELING OF COLD — ALL FROM A ONE HOUR TREATMENT!!! HOUSTON, WE HAVE HIS ATTENTION!! Cheers, John BTW, John got a third session on his foot today. This time for 2 hours. He is first of all astounded that, though he has had some returning discomfort, he has still been able to walk without his cane. After the results of his first treatment, which I’ve described previously, his ankle still had chronic non-stop pain (the pain is caused by a synthetic fabric embedded in his ankle tissue (40 year old technology – that hurt from day one). After the last 2 hour session, now his ankle pain is gone! I cannot begin to tell you what this has meant to him. John
 “I am not the same its unbelievable” – Lois (age: 82)
I want you to know that the earth pulse is a blessing a gift from God. I will be 82 next month and the changes in motion, breathing and focus were declining. I am in the 4th week using mode 3 under my mattress and the results are well,…I am not the same its unbelievable. I thank GOD for you and those before you who shared with the world the knowledge of our electrical body. I have used the video to help me with understanding the different modes etc. Thank you. Lois
 “Doctors told me I would be starting rehab within 3 months, I was back working within 5 weeks” – Dan
Got mine 12 dec of 2009, and never had a bad night of sleep since. Before that I had been suffering from really bad insomnia, sometimes staying up 2-days in a row, and at best sleeping 2 hrs a night. Now it usually doesn’t take more than 20 min, Before I start sleep. It is very convenient, you press in how long you want sleep, and then you lay down. I usually Wake a couple of minutes before that. I might get up at night, to go to the bathroom. Which was by itself, was a nightmare before, i could never get back to sleep. As for inflammation and old and new injuries, its a lifesaver even there. I have doing Martial arts, for over 30 years. And i have had some injuries over the years, compared to how i felt 4 years ago and now, is like night and day. In 2010, i had a really serious accident at work, were i ripped some muscles in my left arm. The doctors told me i would be starting rehab within 3 months, i was back working within 5 weeks. 2 years earlier, when i didn’t own the Earthpulse, i tore my left Biceps tendon, i was not allowed to lift up even a pot in the kitchen for the first 2 months. For me it is the best thing i ever bought, i can recommend it to people if you got sleep or injury problems. Dan
From day/night one I have been able to sleep. I do not always sleep thru the night but I am able to get back to sleep quickly and I get up in the morning looking forward to the day. My mood has changed dramatically. I have only had a couple of mild episodes of becoming becoming anxious and irritable. My wife even said “the old Harv is back”. That nearly brought tears to my eyes.”
Dear Gentlemen at V.T., I have been using the “EarthPulse” device for the last 5 weeks and it has changed my life. The VA rated me at 50% disability for PTSD. I served with the Charlie Company, 4/39th 9th Infantry Div. from Nov., 1968 to July, 1969. Col. Hackworth, was my Battalion Co. Forty two of us were assigned to Charlie Company on the same day. My company was the first company pulled out of Nam when Nixon announced the Troop With Drawls. Out of the original 42 only 7 of us made the flight to Hawaii. Everyone else was either killed or wounded so badly I never saw them again. Six out of the remaining 7 had one or more Purple Hearts. To say my nerves were a little frayed would be putting it mildly. I had not been able to get a good nights sleep for years and I refused to take any meds the doctors offered because of a bad experience I had with the anti depressants they gave me in the 90s. I hated to try to go to bed at night. I would lay there and stare at the ceiling, sleep for a few minutes and then wake up again. If I did get to sleep I often dreamed about getting orders to go back for another tour in Nam. I would get up every day exhausted. During the last year I was also becoming very irritable and anxious. I did not want to drive the car or go anywhere. I did not want to be around people. My wife was getting worn out with me, too. From day/night one I have been able to sleep. I do not always sleep thru the night but I am able to get back to sleep quickly and I get up in the morning looking forward to the day. My mood has changed dramatically. I have only had a couple of mild episodes of becoming becoming anxious and irritable. My wife even said “the old Harv is back”. That nearly brought tears to my eyes. I used to think about Nam at least once a day. I hardly give it a thought now. I never believed I could have a normal life again. I was thinking about calling it quits. The “Earth Pulse” device has saved my marriage and my life. It also knocked out my wife’s migraine headaches and my lower back pain which is a big plus for both of us. With out a doubt, purchasing this device is the best investment, in myself, that I have ever made. I would not have a life today without it. It comes with a 40% discount for Vets, which makes it very affordable. Please feel free to share this information. I honestly believe the EarthPulse unit can save lives. Sincerely, Harvey S.
 “rheumatoid arthritis is about 80% less than before” – Glenn
Good memory regarding the 57 year old physically disabled man I used to care for and bought the EP for. I retired in June. We still keep in touch, and he’s doing well. Paula sleeps with her Earthpulse under the bed, not under the mattress because otherwise she gets too hot. I can’t get the EarthPulse close enough. Before I used the Earthpulse my record mini-military presses with 90 lbs was 165 or so. Now it’s 300 and I’ve never had a day below 180 and usually I’m somewhere in the 200s. Mini-military presses are just one inch upward movements down and up after the bar is above one’s head – less wear on joints but you still get pressure. I’m not claiming that EarthPulse was the only reason for this dramatic improvement, but it was the major reason. We’ve dumped wi-fi and have direct connections for our computers. I recommend Barrie Trower on YouTube for those who doubt microwave dangers. He’s ex-military-intelligence and knows his stuff. He says there are 8,300 papers he knows of evidencing the dangers of microwave radiation. He’s a real humanitarian and great human being. I use EarthPulse in the car as well. Any other creative uses you learn about kindly apprise me.
“This thing is AMAZING!!!”
As my wife and I have completed our 3rd week on the program I have friends and family that want to try the system out.  I have 4 family members wanting one each and I also need a few more for my daughters. David & Josie Thank You! We believing this thing is AMAZING!!!
“She doesn’t even ice after dances and hiking any more.”
Paula, my wife, after being very leery of gadgetry and supplements became a believer. Her improvement has been just short of spectacular. Her rheumatoid arthritis is about 80% less than before. She doesn’t even ice after dances and hiking any more. Dance is one of the most damaging activities for arthritis in our experience. Her hearing has returned to normal except for the highest notes. Her vision improved for distance. In fact she stopped wearing spectacles. Even her acuity seems to have improved. Her memory improvement has been huge and started before Earthpulse, but it’s been steadily improving and she estimates about 60% and that could be true. She improved so much that she started doing crossword puzzles and anagrams again and multi-tasking at work became easier. Paula’s memory is now definitely superior to mine. I take refuge in the fact I can still beat her at darts. We test everything all the time looking for changes. I hope I haven’t bored you to tears. All the best, Glenn
“I am writing this to share my amazing testimony so that others too can benefit from EARTHPULSE. Thank you for your invention that is healing lives across the globe.”
On Jan.7, 2014 I had a freak accident where I fell out of my wheelchair directly onto my left hip, causing a severe pelvis fracture and a massive hematoma in my abdomen. Once I was released from the hospital to start a 3 week recovery bedridden, I told my father how much pain I was in. He immediately told me about the “Earth Pulse” he purchased and said it could help. EARTHPULSE, I am truly impressed. First of all, about the third day I started using it I was finally able to get some sleep when before I was only getting an hour at a time. Then on the 7th day I noticed my hematoma being absorbed more rapidly than the doctors expected. I also have been relieved of most of the major pain I was encountering. The Big Kicker is, I have been dealing with major chronic pain since my car accident that left me paralyzed over 21 years ago. It has kept me up sleepless nights to where I can’t go to sleep til 5, 6 or 7 am. My father is a witness to this. EARTHPULSE has finally allowed me to get some sleep during hours I never imagined I would gain back. It is truly a miracle and a blessing in disguise. I am writing this to share my amazing testimony so that others too can benefit from EARTHPULSE. Finally, thank you for your invention that is healing lives across the globe. Blessings, Auti Angel
“Energy medicine is making advances, and EP is one of them.” – Steve
Patti recently had a CBC (complete blood count) panel done. At first she was on the EP only. After she started sleeping better (which was immediately) she then started taking TA-65, one capsule a day. Prior to all that, she could not stand and was literally crawling on the floor to get around, pain completely throughout her body. She told me. Her CBC at the time was ‘all over the place’ literally. High on counts that should be low and low on counts that should be high, etc. Her last checkup three weeks ago, showed all normal. ALL NORMAL.
 “THIS DEVICE WORKS! You have hit on a real winner.” – Steve M
Thanks EarthPulse! Dad is sleeping very well. Can’t say enough about this device…. WOW! I have a deep appreciation for physics and electronics. Sure wish I knew more about chemistry. I cannot imaging why so many people haven’t already heard about this device. I found it by just investigating an LED 630nm nasal passage pulser, for my mom… to help build up her brain cells. Patti had been complaining about her health for many many months now, but I had not realized how bad she was. Dad says he is convinced that she was on her way out. She was to the point that she could not stand up and walk. Had to crawl, she was so low on energy. I made the suggestion to try this, as I had come across it when investigating the LED pulser technology. Then I read the NASA research.
“I had thought to myself, ‘no, it can’t be working that fast— that effectively’…. Yes, it can! And did.”
Well, one thing led to another, and we ordered Patti the first one. She had not immediately started using it, as she was expecting to have her disability finalized and was afraid that she would ‘appear’ to be in better health than they expected. 4 weeks later, she calls me complaining about not sleeping and that she wanted me to come by to set up the EP. That was Friday evening. Saturday morning was the game changer. She was adamant. Could not believe that she slept soundly and had to stretch after waking. She had not done that in years.I had thought to myself, ‘no, it can’t be working that fast— that effectively’…. Yes, it can! And did.
“It does what it claims it will do and does it well.” 
She was so happy that she cried tears of joy. Within just weeks, she gained back her strength to walk and even her voice sounds younger now. (over the phone) Now, with Dad, just behind her, HE was not sleeping either, due to sciatica. She had him come over to try it on him, and ‘voila’, it worked on him as well. Patti was now so convinced and grateful that she bought me one too. I got it from Ebay as a return, for a discount. (I like discounts)….Then Ernie got interested. It just keeps snowballing. I have never seen such interest like this before in such a device. IT DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS IT WILL DO AND DOES IT WELL. Dad is using Ernie C’s EP right now, and will return it when Dad gets his, or give that one to Ernie. Whatever they have arranged….. I was not so much a skeptic, as some, because I understand Homeopathy and electrodermal testing. My mind was already open to this and this research from NASA just clinches it. Just as an experiment, last weekend, just before going to bed, I made myself a cup of black coffee and drank it down. I have planned on staying up for more research reading on these subjects. My wife had already laid down in bed to go to sleep, and I just propped myself on the pillow in bed to read while she slept. I turned on Sleep 4. Mistake….I swear to you that after just 10 minutes.. 10 minutes… I had to give it up and put up my laptop. I could NOT keep my eyes open. Could NOT. I am truly amazed. THIS DEVICE WORKS! A real winner. I have noticed in the last 3 days, that my oxygen seems to be ‘richer’ when I breathe. I swear, I feel ‘rich’ breath when I inhale. I’ve only been using this now for 2 weeks. -Steve M
“Wow, I’m impressed because I really didn’t think I would have improved that much.” – Marta
I’m pleased to report that I love my Earthpulse!! I sleep really well, I wake up relatively refreshed and my starting breath hold in was 53 seconds and just this morning I was at 1 minute 14!!! Wow, I’m impressed because I really didn’t think I would have improved that much.Thanks, Marta
 “Broke a bone in my foot three weeks ago; about a week ago I was running again” 
I broke a bone in my foot just over three weeks ago and about a week ago I was running again with a brace. Because the earth pulse, in conjunction with other natural methods, I was able to cut my healing time in basically half. It is amazing. Clayton C
 “His wife was thrilled he slept through the night, urinated freely in the am and has shown dramatic improvement.” – AI H
Thank you soooooo much, the EarthPulse really helped my Father-in-Law with Parkinson’s. After making great progress each day, for three days, his wife was thrilled that he slept through the night, urinated freely in the am and has shown dramatic improvement with his walker. Thank you, Al H
 “my RBH is at 115 seconds from baseline 67″ – Karen
HI, Just thought I’d let you know my RBH is at 115 seconds from baseline 67! It still takes me an hour to fall asleep with Sleep 4 program but I’m getting 7-9 hours per night still interrupted with an occasional 3-5 hours. I do use alert in the morning. I think I know I should be working with Sleep 3 program to get better mitochondrial support but I thought I would wait a couple of more weeks. thanks karen
 “best night’s sleep in years” – vj
Dear EarthPulse, I’ve had the best night’s sleep in years!! I can see that it is going to be worth every penny, cheers vj
 “On breathing test , did 1 minute for start. 1min 40 sec after 7 days and today did 2 minutes. Not bad for a fat out of shape guy who can barely walk :)” – John
Dear EarthPulse, I’m now on 16th night of use. Been using on recover mode under 5 inches of memory foam. I sleep on couch. Still waking up during the night but noticed I”m not tired during the day with the exception of yesterday, but may have been a food issue. Had cereal at 10 am and didn’t get to eat again til 4 pm. Use to have a problem of closing eyes at red light and dosing off briefly. Not an issue anymore. On breathing test , did 1 minute for start. 1 min 40 sec after 7 days and today did 2 minutes. Not bad for a fat out of shape guy who can barely walk :). Have not ran since before I had neck surgery in jan 2006 when I was paralyzed from neck down for 5 months plus another 12 of therapy to recover to get back to work. It will be a while before I can run again but now I have hope. Noticed even though I am waking during night, just turn on side and drift right off. Hip mobility has improved a fair amount. Pain has decreased a lot. 2 days ago started GLC2000 and had a couple doses of organic sulfur. Nasty taste but mixing half,half with grape juice makes it bearable. Holding off for another 2 weeks before I start using second unit with person I care for . Want to understand it better on myself first. will keep you posted. Thank You, John
 “Sleeping like a baby!” – Richard
Sleeping like a baby! It takes a couple of weeks for your body to readjust to its default frequency setting. A mild detox should also be expected, which is most likely due to the water in your body being restructured. Richard
“Started weight and cardio training again this week, something I never thought I would be able to do again” – Patrick
Hi Paul, Just wanted to say thanks for your advice, I am now completely back up and running. Started weight and cardio training again this week, something I never thought I would be able to do again because of an 11 month old back injury which had pretty much stopped me from training. That injury is now much better and I’m taking on the ‘body for life challenge’, I’ll let you know how I get on. Also I’m sleeping much better and my breath hold has gone from 94 seconds to 134 in the last 28 days!Thanks again, Patrick
“at age 59 my half grey hair seems to be turning black much faster than the HGH oral spray only” – Peter
Paul, Using for a few weeks now. First few days hair appears to be much faster than Rogaine hair regrow and also stronger nails and improved breathing from COPD. Also I notice that at age 59 my half grey hair seems to be turning black much faster than the HGH oral spray only. So you may be right I am wasting money now on HGH. Also of course sleep much better.Injured my hip in socket it seems sleeping on side and hard surface and that injury is healing much faster. At least 4 to 15 times as fast healing and almost healed apparently now. Was having trouble walking because COPD. When first try to walk after a long auto drive and legs hurt is way to describe the leg pain but almost gone, about 90% quad leg muscle pain gone in week sleeping on recovery mode. Plus just feel all over all better. So look forward to sleep each night and seeing improvements next day like hair growing back a little on my bald head and apparently better memory and feels as though eye sight better. Peter
 “I’m also able to drive again because I don’t start to doze off behind the wheel. Others have commented on how much more alert, cheerful and capable I am now” – Katharine
Hi, Paul! I’ve been meaning to write to you and let you know how this unit has been working for me. At least, how it works when my cat lets me use it… She tries to hog it! Anyhow, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and narcolepsy after suffering from sleep problems for nearly 20 years. It started off just a minor irritation but then gradually worsened until I was to the point of having lost my driving privileges and being unable to stay awake during the day. I could fall asleep while sitting or standing, in the middle of conversations, or pretty much anywhere. The doctors prescribed some medication for me but it was prohibitively expensive ($500-900 each month) and I had trouble adjusting to it. I was also concerned about possible damage to my heart, given some of the side effects I was experiencing. So my boyfriend did some online research and ran across your EarthPulse magnet and decided that it might help me. He ordered one for my birthday present and I’ve been using it every night since then (March of 2013). It has been amazing! For the first time in years, I started to wake up feeling somewhat refreshed instead of desperately exhausted. I could function again! I was able to stay awake during my entire work day and I could think more clearly too. Honestly, I had been to the point where I didn’t believe I would ever be able to function like a “normal” person again. I no longer fear losing my job due to falling asleep at inappropriate times. I’m also able to drive again because I don’t start to doze off behind the wheel. Others have commented on how much more alert, cheerful and capable I am now. I’ve certainly noticed that I’m able to think more clearly and deal better with complex problems. Thank you so much for giving my life back to me. Katharine
 “ most obvious thing is the amount of energy we have on waking up and throughout the day” – Carmel
Dear EarthPulse, The magnet is brilliant and we are sleeping on Recovery mode all the time now, most obvious thing is the amount of energy we have on waking up and throughout the day; no pushing through the day anymore. Jimena, (whom I recommended), also says the same, she is more than happy with her results too. Wind under load readings very high very quickly also. Keep up the good work and thanks. Regards, Carmel
 “my RBH – first time (prior to use) was 90 seconds. Second time (5 days later) was 125 seconds. Wow!” – Markita
I have had sleep issues on and off for years, but have really struggled in the past couple of years or so. I was on Ambien but recently weaned myself off of it as it was causing serious depression. Of course, the sleep issues returned. When I ordered your device, I was taking Ambien on and off just so I could get a few hours of sleep. I have been using the EarthPulse device for seven nights now, at Sleep 4, and last night was the first night in a very long time where I only woke up once during the night and then returned to sleep (no meds). It is so nice to feel some hope! Also, I have been measuring my RBH – first time (prior to use) was 90 seconds. Second time (5 days later) was 125 seconds. Wow! – Markita
 “ I’m noticing some positive things.” – Karen
Hi Paul, When you had written that it isn’t easy to entrain a 20 year insomniacs brain did that mean that it would take longer but I would still achieve the goal? I’m noticing some positive things. I’ve had some better nights, waking up more alert and rested as opposed to waking up feeling sick, along with crappy nights. I’m still using S3, not sure if I should change that yet. My RBH is at 90 seconds up from the original of 67. At times when I try to take a nap in recover I will doze off. I do have more energy on the better nights and even some better on the crappy nights. So I guess that is all good. Thanks for your input! Karen
 “magnet under my bladder area has worked beautifully.” – Lillian
Placing the magnet under my bladder area has worked beautifully. Only get up once per night and sometimes not at all. Thank you! Fond regards, Lillian
 “unable to stabilize sleep with Neurofeedback, but the Earthpulse did it almost immediately” – Dan
I ran into one of my former clients who bought a unit. He raves about it. I was unable to stabilize his sleep with Neurofeedback, but the Earthpulse did it almost immediately. Dan
“I am presently getting 7-8 hours sleep every night since on Sleep 3 setting and only awakening two or three times during the night but going straight back to sleep again. It’s fantastic!” –Maura
Prior to cancer & chemotherapy I had no problem whatsoever with sleeping (day or night) but during & since my treatment my sleep pattern has been all over the place….I’d be very lucky to get four hours sleep on any one night made up of broken “cat naps” and a nap during the day was just simply out of the question. Tried medication at the outset but quickly abandoned that. Isla heard about EP from her Kinesiologist who highly recommended it and we decided to go for it and to be honest it’s amazing. After removing my crystals & mobile phone from the bed area after the first night using EP (about three weeks ago) unfortunately the following nights my sleep pattern barely changed. I even used other settings thinking it would help but it didn’t. I sleep on a memory foam mattress and thought this was why I wasn’t getting the full benefit of EP and so on 28 October last I moved the device from under my mattress to under my memory foam pillow and what an absolutely fantastic difference it has made. I am presently getting 7-8 hours sleep every night since on Sleep 3 setting and only awakening two or three times during the night but going straight back to sleep again. It’s fantastic! Kind regards, Maura
 “ I have not slept this well in many months, maybe longer.” – Charene
Hello, I have been using the unit to sleep for about 2 weeks now. I had been sleeping very poorly for about a year, (due to hormonal issues, although I have been a light sleeper my entire life, waking several times a night) and had tried various things. For the last few weeks I had barely been sleeping at all; not able to thoroughly fall asleep and waking countless times a night. My naturopath had suggested I get your earth pulse unit, so I did. I followed instructions of starting it at Sleep3 every night for a week and then switched to level 4 after waking up and not be able to fall asleep again quickly. Or I would wake a number of times and after that I would switch it to level 4. Now I am using it only at level 4, and get a very deep sleep every night. I wake up a few times still, but not completely, and then go back to sleep. It works beautifully, and I am starting to feel rested again. I have not slept this well in many months, maybe longer. I tried level 3 again yesterday, but after a couple hours of not being able to fall asleep deeply, or stay asleep went back to level 4 which is very effective for me. Thanks, Charene
 “ i did the test with an increase of 30sec thats a total of 2min after just one week” – James
I have been using earth pulse for a week at sleep 3 setting and i felt quite restless when i slept. For the last 2 nights i have switched to recover mode and sleeping now so much better. should i stick with this? also i did the hold breath test twice prior to the device arriving with a best score of 1min 30sec after one week (before switching to R.M.) i did the test with an increase of 30sec thats a total of 2min after just one week. Cheers, James
 “You’ve got a very simple and effective machine here Paul and I’m glad that I have stumbled upon it” – Carmel
My husband Chris is not at all sensitive to Esmog but I am, so we have started on S3 programe for a week. I still take ages to go to sleep but after that I sleep soundly and if either of us wake for toilet or water drinking overnight we go back to sleep easily and feel refreshed in the morning. We both slept reasonably well before anyway, but we both notice a refreshing, “lack of brain fog” feeling in the morning now, and that is only after 2 nights. He also wasn’t tired after golf yesterday, which in the hot weather here is becoming a usual feeling for him. I also wanted to tell you that I treated a friend of my husband’s pain yesterday and with good success. He limped in and I used the machine for 30 mins on recovery with the outer ring on, and his thumb, (both injuries from an old accident. Ankle had crush fractures and apparently some bone fragments are still floating around in the joint). He typically sits down whenever he can after the first 9 holes due to the pain in his ankle. Well, straight after he got up and walked and said there was no pain, “best it’s been in months, I can’t believe this!” I had been banging on about how good I knew it had to be, but he wasn’t really convinced, and especially since all he could feel was warmth from the magnet and no other sensation, (he had felt a bit when I was treating his thumb), but after walking for a while, no pain and no limp, he said,” what’s this called, I going to get one!”. My background is in health, so after my limited exposure to your machine, I am sure you will be selling some more to my friends. I am a registered nurse and doctor of Chinese medicine, and ran my own clinic in Melbourne for 12 years, doing many different modalities; basically whatever worked. I don’t “work”,as such anymore, but am always called upon by friends and old clients when they know I’m in town. My extensive experience in health gives the benefit of knowing what works fairly quickly and also an understanding of why it would. You’ve got a very simple and effective machine here and I’m glad that I have stumbled upon it. Kind regards, Carmel
“In general, my immunity, my state of vigor, and my workout strength have noticeably improved” – Anon
I’m 51 years old, male, in relatively good health. I’ve had ongoing issues with periodontal disease, doing battle with it for two years now, without improvement. My best results so far have been merely to stop or slow the progress. Since July 1st, I have been using the EarthPulse every night, under my mattress, usually on sleep3 or recovery mode. I’ve also been using it a few afternoons during the week for naps. My dentist and hygenist inspected and cleaned my teeth last week, and they were surprised to find that not only has my periodontal disease stopped, it has actually REVERSED! From what I’m told, this happens only in about 10% of cases, and almost exclusively in the young. The periodontal pockets have closed, and my gums have actually re-attached to the teeth! They used words like “wow, amazing, night & day, impossible”, and demanded to know what I’m doing to get such results. In the last three months, the only change I’ve made to my regimen is the EarthPulse. This evidence is far from conclusive, but suggests a possible line of future research anyway. In general, my immunity, my state of vigor, and my workout strength have noticeably improved. In addition, our cat seems to be attracted to the device. Thanks for supplying this well designed device, and for such a good price.
“..within 3 weeks. No scars and I have full mobility!” – Frank
I had elbow surgery about a month ago. They went in 6 different places. Debridement, cleaned up bone spurs and scar tissue etc. I used an older magnet with the original controller (it works intermittently, but it got the job done!) and I healed nicely within 3 weeks. No scars and I have full mobility! Magnets to the rescue. Frank
“EP has left me feeling more mental clarity and more sense of peace” – Ed
I am setting the EP for about 7.5 hours in recovery and usually sleep about 5 hours (not sure if the bathroom break is causing this), get up and then set EP for another 2.5 hours in sleep mode 3. That seems to work. Is it better to set the machine for a longer period of time than you think you will sleep or set the machine for the realistic amount of time so it completes the cycle? I am thinking that sleeping through the complete cycle is better than setting it for 9 hours knowing I probably won’t sleep that long. (Would love to be able to do that but that doesn’t seem possible). I know experimentation is important but maybe others’ experience and your knowledge could help with my understanding. Last night was probably the best night so far. Had to get up once to go to the bathroom but went back to sleep still in the Recovery mode, finished up the last hour in mode 3. Shut off mode 3 a little early and finished up for 15 minutes in Alert. Had a number of dreams which were much more vivid than usual. Not an unpleasant experience. Breath Hold went from about 80 to 110 after the first week. Golf game continues to be improving. Some scores in the low 70’s when upper 70’s and mid 80’s were the norm. Shot my two best golf scores last week. Allergies (can EP help with this?) have hampered my breath hold a little and training for a half marathon energy is down somewhat but overall, EP has left me feeling more mental clarity and more sense of peace. Mental clarity seems somewhat better. Can’t put a price on the lower scores! Thanks for your help. Ed
“Phil today reported two symptoms newly abating” – Julie
Phil today reported two symptoms newly abating: one is, he said he did not feel as stiff this morning upon waking up and getting up, and the other is, he has not had to take the tiny little staccato steps that I’ve seen him do increasingly over the past several months, especially when he changes direction when walking, but lately, even going in the same direction he was already walking in. That is really big, so I’m very excited about it! Not being as excitable as I am, he seems to be guardedly happy about it (he doesn’t get excited about much, but that could be attributed to the Parkinson’s itself, which flattens affect). As for myself, I’ve had a couple of nights of sleeping next to the under-the-mattress magnet, which is situated underneath Phil around his mid-back area, as close as I could get without making it difficult for him to turn over (he complained that I was over too far, the first time I tried this). I am noticing an increase in my energy level and I feel more rested overall. I can stay up a bit later at night, and during the day, don’t feel the fatigue which has been my constant companion since at least 1984-85. I think he’s going to be going back to sleeping with the magnet under the pillow on Restore, which won’t do anything for me, so I’m going to have to be content with the nights that he does opt to use the under-the-mattress magnet in the meanwhile, until I can see my way clear to get my own unit. I only wish I’d known about the EP back in 2007-08, when I was in the throes of severe insomnia and was well on the way to losing my sanity–very nearly lost my job, as they were going to go for a medical separation at work, if my manager had OK’d it; this after some 26 years of employment there. will continue to keep you updated. Best regards, Julie
 “Big change is going from 2 bathroom runs during the night to zero after about 4 weeks” – Dennis
First proper rbh was 70 s and day 28 was a tough 120 s. Did a full 8 hours on recovery last night and i feel amazing today. Big change is going from 2 bathroom runs during the night to zero after about 4 weeks. All the best, Dennis
“Best investment I have ever made!” – Paul C
I have been sleeping and feeling so much better since purchasing Earth Pulse. Its been 4.5 months. Best investment I have ever made! Thank you, Paul C.
“I can’t say enough about you or your device!” – JoAnn
Dear Mr. Becker, It’s been 2 full weeks since I have started using the EarthPulse. The results so far have been nothing short of a miracle. My pain has lessened. Started making my own colloidal silver. My ulcerative colitis symptoms have substatially deminished. Already, I am very pleased with the difference the EarthPulse makes in my life! I have even used c.s. drops in my 8 yr old girl’s ears, and it has dried up the fluid that was trapped. To think I almost gave her the steroids that were prescribed! I can’t say enough about you or your device! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Take care, JoAnn
“By sleeping with the Earth Pulse on nightly, I am now 99% healed from what I was before” – KC
Dear Marcia, I am sharing something which I bought not long. The product is: I have been using it for the past two months. As you may recall, I had very mild Parkinsons many years ago of the right hand. With my practice in meditation and TaiChi, the slight tremblings have largely gone, leaving just a wee bit, say 10%. By sleeping with the Earth Pulse on nightly, I am now 99% healed from what I was before. For a few years I also had difficulty falling asleep. Although this has not been totally ‘fixed’, at least I never have to think about not being able to fall asleep. I also had a small little sebaceous cyst in the left shoulder blade. Although this has not been totally cured, at least the size is no more than 20 % of what it was. You may like to view the videos in the web-site showing how Parkisons patients have benefited from this product. Actually Parkisons itself is not as bad as the frustration and depression that accompany the symptoms. This is a small price to pay. Speedy recovery. KC
“I am extremely impressed with your product and the potential of PEMF” – Andrew
I am close friends with Harold D and have been training with him for 15 years. I borrowed the Earthpulse you gave him for a long weekend and was blown away at the quality of my sleep and recovery while using your device. I am extremely impressed with your product and the potential of PEMF. Andrew
“My baseline RBH was 2:04. perhaps i could have gone a few more secs then but definitely not much. so it’s up 40% or more!”
My daughter has a swimming carnival next week so hopefully she gets a boost. she’s a pre-adolescent and probably just now having more hormones kicking around, so i think we should have it on pretty weak for her. i think that’s what you advise for under 45 kg or something, right? my baseline RBH was 2:04. perhaps i could have gone a few more secs then but definitely not much. so it’s up 40% or more! incredible! my step-father is on the other one every night and says he has quite a bit more power on the bike (he’s still a pretty serious cyclist at 71 yrs of age). says it has taken him back a couple of years. he also benches 70 kg, which is pretty damned good for his age. i told him i reckon he’ll make 80 kg within six months or less. Steve
“My daughter purchased one of your units at the suggestion of her Dr. It has made a big improvement in her health.” – Doreen
My daughter purchased one of your units at the suggestion of her Dr. It has made a big improvement in her health. She has suggested it may have similar benefit for me. I would like to purchase using the family discount and prepaid rebate card and the balance on another credit card. Is it possible? Thank you, Doreen
“Stopped the sleep meds I have taken for years now.” – Bob
I have used the unit for 7 days now. I am able to get good results in Recovery mode and have stopped the sleep meds I have taken for years now. I am hopeful that as time goes by I will have less wakings at night. I have in the past gotten up 3 to 4 times. So in the last week I seem to wake 2 times now sleeping with no med for the fist time in years. Also some improvement with SI joint pain. I will keep you posted as to my progress. Sincerely, Bob
“I’ve seen a noticeable improvement” – Sherri
Though my sleep still isn’t great but I’m happy to say that I’ve seen a noticeable improvement. My sleep is still quite broken with multiple awakenings through the night, but I am seeing a definite trend towards being able to fall back asleep much easier after the awakenings rather than just lying there awake for 1-3 hours in the middle of the night. This morning I brought in my EP to work with me and set it up in alert mode with the magnet on the floor right under my office chair. I defiantely notice some effects. For one, my muscles feel *waaaay* more relaxed than normal sitting at my desk. It is kind of a strange feeling. Mentally I’m reasonably alert, but my muscles are so much more relaxed. Sherri Thanks, Sherri
“All in all, I feel fantastic!” – Paul
All in all, I feel fantastic! I got the earthpulse for tendonitis. That took a while to resolve but has pretty much done so now. My mood is consistently great. Testosterone levels are definitely consistently up (can be a bit distracting having T levels like years ago huh? 🙂 It’s helped me achieve another goal of getting to 200 lbs at 10% body fat (the weight I’ve listed is first thing in the morning consistently). I’ve plataued a bit on strength but am not particularly concerned as I have gained approx. 5 kg / 11 lbs of muscle in the last six months (I think it would have been half that without the EP). I think my body is consolidating current strength levels, but it’s wonderful for motivation to know I am able to keep getting stronger. Injuries are getting better, T-levels are higher, strength is up. I’m coming up for 45 but feel like I can celebrate taking a few years off! My next-day ‘delayed’ agitation has virtually gone. I can use the EP with full strength with minimal if any agitation now. However, I still choose to use it at a moderate level. Great product.
“It works great and my sleep is A LOT Better and I’m glad I got it!” – Dave 
Not sure if you remember me or not but i was Emma’s caregiver she had great results using the Earth Pulse after her stroke. I bought one for me and wont go without it! also bought an Earth pulse for my son who was struggling with insomnia within the first night insomnia gone! I had my mom who is 80 buy one and it is helping her walk better and much less arthritis pain. thank you! Cindy M.
 “I think your product is great.” – Steve
I think your product is great. I used one to heal a member of my family from addiction to sleeping pills. I keeping finding people with these addictions and recommend your product. It really helps. I tested on myself first, one that I bought for a relative, and slept better than ever. Now I want one for my wife. Best regards, Steve
“Over the last 3 months my RBH has increased 110% from 40sec to 90sec and this is what I’m really interested in.” – Maurice
I’ve been experimenting with different placement for weeks now, I can’t really say that I sleep longer but I’m no longer fixated on 8 hours sleep, as my energy levels are high, I’m alert during the day and afternoon so as far as I’m concerned I’m getting the sleep I need. Over the last 3 months my RBH has increased 110% from 40 sec to 90 sec and this is what I’m really interested in. If I’ve understood what I’ve read, this increased oxygen utilisation is the basis for reducing inflammation and reversing mitochrondrial dysfunction. Given my results, EP is a having positive effect on my body and as it is the ‘anti aging’ effects I’m really pursuing I am more than happy to continue its use. Thanks for this product Paul. Regards Maurice
“Give me another month…people are gonna accuse me of witchcraft!” 
Just had a SCIO…like a QXCI scan done with one of my friends, the 55 year old woman with cancer that’ll order an EP soon when she’s in Malta…..well she was quite shocked..!! My mitochondrial oxygenation was the highest she’s EVER seen in anyone!!!!!! Are we surprised, hell no. No geopathic stress, nothing…just lung infection and detoxing….I’ll hammer that tonight. She commented that even my eyes looked different..have a sparkle in them that wasn’t there! Wait I said, give me another month…people are gonna accuse me of witchcraft! This is yet another major confirmation that the EP is affecting the mitochondria immediately. For plagued people that is…I wouldn’t need any convincing…fact that it’s an earth frequency thing is enough for me. Aloha
“Thanks so much” – Judy
It has been one year since I started using the Earthpulse sleep on command system. I am the one with chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome (in remission). Last year I was getting 2 1/2 to a max of 4 hours a sleep a night. It has been very gradual but I am now elated to be getting a solid 7 1/2 hours and once in a while 8 hours of sleep a night! Thanks so much, Judy
“The Earth Pulse is nothing short of incredible!” – Trent
I mentioned that I have prostate issues. I get some results today. My wife, who initially found the EP too intense, is now sleeping better than ever on Sleep Mode 2. I use Recover exclusively. I’m not usually effusive about the various supplements and devices I’ve used to positively influence my health, but the EP is, in my long experience, in a class by itself! We’re both sleeping better than any time in our lives. The Earth Pulse is nothing short of incredible! Trent
“The world needs to know about the Earth Pulse! ” – Mike
Thank you for a great product! I am on my way to relief. So far, I have noticed increased energy and motor skills. Also, vivid dreams and restful sleep! The world needs to know about the Earth Pulse! Sincerely, Mike
 “The EarthPulse is totally amazing” – Robin S
My husband uses the EarthPulse. He has Bipolar Disorder and I’ve never known him to sleep the way he now sleeps with it, and I’ve known him for 30 years. I wanted you to know that the EarthPulse is totally amazing. It took him quite awhile to get used to it, because he had a strong sensitivity to it. Thanks, Robin S
 “Impressed by doctor enough he is going to check out your device” – Terry 
Regarding fracture in foot. The unit my doctor gave me didn’t really work. I started using the Earthpulse and the fracture fused virally in a week and a half. Impressed by doctor enough he is going to check out your device. Terry L
“Thank you for coming up with such a simple and inexpensive way to help folks feel better and sleep better” – Deborah J
I received my device on a Friday and couldn’t wait to use it. I had it at work (I’m a massage therapist) and with a cancellation, tried it on myself for an hour – great results. My next client was a chronic pain patient (nurse) and I offered to run it on her during the session. She fell into a wonderful, deep sleep while I worked and she awakened feeling refreshed and ready to go, pain-free. About 85% of men fall asleep during a session; only about 15% of women. I tried the device on 4 female clients so far, and every one of them fell asleep. I am a chronic pain patient with arthritis, who has considered retiring, but have such a strong connection with my clients, I’ve persevered. I worked 5 hours yesterday on clients (normally can’t do more than 3) and felt good afterwards, even better this morning after sleeping with the device (I also have chronic sleep issues, including hypervigilance – the device puts me into a wonderfully deep state in minutes. I wake up infrequently to use the bathroom and am feeling more human in the morning – my cats scrap over who gets to sleep next to me for some treatment time. Thank you for coming up with such a simple and inexpensive way to help folks feel better and sleep better. Deborah J.
“For the first time in at least 10 years I fell asleep without the aid of any meds” – Tim
For the first time in at least 10 years I fell asleep without the aid of any meds. I only woke one time and was able to get right back asleep. Also would you address the questions about the electric blankets and my C-PAP machine (which I did not need last night) one more thing one of My Saint Bernard beds is very close to the computer is it cool to use the EarthPulse that close to it. Thanks again, Tim
“You’ve really made an incredible contribution to man-kind.” – Carl S
I began using the Earthpulse unit immediately following my shoulder surgery on 6/18/2010. It has been an absolute Godsend in that it has helped me speed up my recovery to the point that my physical therapist has asked me what was I doing to get my flexibility/mobility back so soon. Now I’m working on resistance exercises to get my strength back and I was even shocked to be able to perform 10 push-ups on 1 1/2 shoulders and it was easier now than it was on my pre-op surgery. You’ve really made an incredible contribution to man-kind. Thanks for sharing your information with Carl Lanore and the SHR audience.
“I cannot thank you enough for your help!” – Renee
I’m using the “Recovery” mode for 30 minutes under the pillow. Then, for approximately 9-10 hours nightly. It feels different. I am sleeping more soundly. However, I still take the meds due to a heavy, ozone detox. The detox (itching, etc.) is mainly what keeps me from sleeping. One night, I, again, fell asleep during the 30 minutes pillow treatment. This is without the meds! I am forced to set an alarm. This is extremely unusual for me! By the way, I emailed you the other day to let you know that I received two magnets. I understood that you were only sending one. If one was sent in error, I will keep it. I cannot thank you enough for your help! Renee
“Positive difference for me with my Osteoporosis” – Grace
I want to share with you that the unit has made a positive difference for me with my osteoporosis. While it may not be the only reason, I’m sure the Earthpulse has contributed to my halting the progress of this disease. I had a test last week and my osteoporosis shows signs of improvement. I am also using a mineral supplement program with the Earthpulse so it’s likely they are working in tandem to correct my bone density. Thanks for inventing this product as I am very thankful. Best Regards, Grace
“I don’t know where I would be without it; likely back on sleeping pills!” – Diana
I just wanted to let you know that Earth Pulse is still working for me,,,,,since Oct. ‘ 07. For me it is a miracle,,,,, I don’t know where I would be without it,,,,likely back on sleeping pills. Thank you again, Diana C, Ab Canada
“Earth Pulse is one of the most effective non-drug methods of inducing sleep” – Alan
Thank you for answering my concerns. I should have also said that I think Earth Pulse is one of the most effective non-drug methods of inducing sleep that I’ve found in forty years. I think it will be a lifesaver for people caught in the cycle of insomnia and sleeping pills. In the last couple days I learned that it works better for me, if I place it a little further away and use it for less time. Everyone has individual sensitivities. My best Alan
” I recommend to anyone with insomnia” – Joseph N.
I’ve suffered from insomnia for a couples year now and was amazed to see how much impact this machine could have on my body. I ‘m a college student from upstate New York and would use sleep aides on a regular basis, in order to fall sleep quickly. Since then, I’ve been sleeping with sleep command every night to catch up on my sleep debt without any drugs and been having deep sleep which literally amazed me. This technology is unprecedented, and I recommend to anyone with insomnia.
“Thanks for a wonderful product” – Susan O.
I am so glad that i took the EarthPulse with me to Toronto when i went to visit my parents a few weeks back. The reason my almost 83 year old Dad’s back went out was that he was bowling (my folks are on a league) and a women on his team, (not my mother) tried to show him how to improve his ball swing using her method.He said he tried it to get her to stop pestering him but it backfired. One adjustment as soon as he got home took him out of the acute spasm, then placing the magnet over the area under a pillow in a supportive chair brought remarkably quick results.He had much less pain by that night and was even better by the next morning with continued improvement by the evening, whereas he could even go out for dinner and was not wearing a back brace. We were all quite impressed. i have noticed improvements all around but most dramatically in the comfort of the muscles of my thigh around an old femur fracture on one leg, as well as the knee of that leg . The knee doesn’t seem to swell and ache as much by the end of the day. Sleep still isn’t perfect but greatly improved.i am using Sleep Mode 2 as suggested in the manual as the regular sleep mode keeps me awake. For years my cortisol curve was completely reversed and trying to sleep was difficult at best. Thanks for a wonderful product. I intend to recommend it to my patients and will refer them to the website. All the Best, Susan O.
“I have added this Electro-Acupuncture Technology into my clinical practice” – Dr. “K” 
Hi Paul, Love the technology…our families continues to benefit from it weekly and i have added this Electro-Acupuncture Technology into my clinical practice with 9-10 patients a day in helping them recover from injury. Best Wishes, Dr. “K”  MSc, LAc (QRS and OMT researcher with Dr. Bill) And the Family Seattle, WA USA
“Device Promises to Heal the World’s Sleep Problems” – Sister Michelle
I love my sleep system and would not be without it. Thank you for all your years of hard work and research. A blessed Easter. Sister Michelle
“..this form of therapy is important” – Louis J.
I have had your Earthpulse device for about six months now and really like it…as you know I just ordered one for my sister and her daughter. It just performs as advertised, I did start having more vivid dreams and started sleeping better. Occasionally I get my days and nights mixed up and will get up at 2 or 3 AM…while using the devise that does not happen as much. Usually just a few short minutes after turning it on (I seem to like sleep mode 2 best) and going to bed I notice that my breathing changes for the better, it seems easier and deeper…it just feels like an immediate deeper form of relaxation. I suspect that it also promotes a proper pH balance (alkaline)…I have monitored my pH for several years and its a challenge to stay alkaline considering the obscene nature of the typical American diet..anyway after starting to use the Earthpulse, I am staying in my target 7.4 range (I measure saliva) more. I sent the device to my friend who has Parkinsons disease and he only used it for two weeks and said it made him more relaxed and reduced his tremors…he is a bit confused and I am not sure he followed the suggested protocol properly…I wanted him to try it for a longer period, but he did not…. I have studied “alternative” protocols extensively for many years and have experience with several of the other electrical devices on the market and know this form of therapy is important. I appreciate the hard work and sacrifices you have made to bring this important advance to the public. Also I would appreciate you sending me the new magnet when it is ready. Best Louis J.
“..increase in my lung capacity and ability to breath” – Terrence N.
From: Terrence N. SENT SNAIL MAIL 17th Jan. I definitely noticed an increase in my lung capacity and ability to breath. Even though I work out, shortness of breath has always been something I have struggled with. This has been a welcome change. Even though I still occasionally wake up at night, I don’t have as much trouble falling back asleep. My nights of tossing and turning have been reduced. I have noticed that I have more vivid and frequent dreams which I am able to remember after awaking. This aspect has been fascinating. I have had to stop using sleep mode 2 and switch to sleep mode 1 due to the lethargy I was feeling during the day. For example, I was sleeping so hard on sleep mode 2 that it took several hours after getting out of bed to fully wake up. I have noticed a slight increase in muscle strength (5-10%) but it is also winter time and very cold here. Typically, at this time of year, it is hard enough getting up enough strength to lift on a consistent basis. This has not been as much of a problem while using the earth pulse. The days of feeling completely drained and not being able to lift have been reduced at least (50%). I am curious to see what will happen after using the device for a longer duration and also the effects on my workouts when the temperature warms up and light levels increase. Although I haven’t checked my weight, it appears that I am putting on more muscle mass. Mentally, I feel more calm and focused throughout the day while at work. I seems like I don’t have as much anxiety and am less “rattled” under stressful situations. I have also noticed that my reading speed and comprehension has been enhanced. I do a considerable amount of reading for my job and in my free time so this is definitely noticeable. ……………………………………………………………………… From: Terrence N. Sent email 1st Feb. Thanks for all your feedback and quick reply. This has been very helpful. I have included an updated comments document with the portion regarding sleep mode 2 removed. You are right, I was programming in 10 hours on the unit for sleep mode 2 and waking up roughly 8 hours into the program the following morning. I will try to set the unit for a shorter time interval and it should resolve this problem. In either case, I really like sleep mode 1 at this point in time. Also, I attached a pdf scan of the questionnaire form in the back of the instruction manual. If you need me to ship this via snail mail, please let me know. Regarding the extra magnet, no worries about the shipping time, I am guessing that my knee pain will still be active. The muscle has been slowly repairing the last two weeks but is still painful. I need to consider a rehabiliation program. I tried to do a basic squat this morning without any weight what-so-ever and felt some serious pain. If you could let me know what I should send you for the extra magnet, that would be great. Ironically, I value my sleep more than my knee at this point so I am reluctant to remove the magnet from my waterbed! Everyone has been complaining about the crazy weather here keeping them up at night. I thank God that I found the Earthpulse. Seriously, I have been sleeping like a baby.
 “What a GREAT product!” – Carolyn
Well, my dog sure knows what he wants! Actually, he prefers “Sleep” mode to “Recover” mode for his recovery spots. He doesn’t dislike “Recover”, but doesn’t stay with it more than about 15 minutes. Are the frequencies different for dogs, or is he just “Himself”? :-)) He has worked on his diagonal shoulder from the hip that bothers at times, and today I worked on his back, and later found him on the bed with THAT spot in his back over the magnet. I quickly turned it on for him and put it on “Recover”, but like I said, he didn’t stay with it as long as he might have – or maybe it just felt better quickly. For me, I find I like Sleep 2 the best for sleep. I tend to wake up before it brings me all the way “up”, and I was waking up in regular Sleep as it cycled. And, I’ve used it on “Recover” on parts of a smashed up shoulder that I’ve had a devil of a time getting the energy to open up, and it has helped markedly, in only two “Recover” sessions. What a GREAT product! All the best, Carolyn
“No pain, no arthritis” – Jonathan
One word from my wife – “it’s awesome”. No pain, no arthritis. She can think more clearly and can actually focus her thoughts. Now, yes, she does still wake up several times throughout the night, but regardless, the change has been extraordinary. Thank you so much. Oh, and as a sided note, my older dog sleeps next to the bed, and we have seen changes in her as well. She used to sleep in every morning and when she woke up, she would slowly make her way out of the bedroom. Now she gets up with us and is full of life playing and running around (she’s like a new dog). For me, the effects have not been as good. I always slept great and now I wake up throughout the night. Once again, I know the newer Earth Pulse Unit will remedy this. So I m tired during the day because I do not sleep as well. No big concern about this because the main purpose of testing the unit was to see the benefits for my wife, not me. So the goal has been accomplished.
“Thank you so much for the technology that has helped my daughter” – Betsy D
My daughter that has the broke hip when to the doctor yesterday, he told her the break was completely healed and the ball joint that he was concerned about dying ( because the circulation was cut off from it for over 12 hrs) was looking very promising. The doctor said everything looked alot better than he thought it would. She told him she had been using the Earthpulse Magnetic. He said they sometimes suggest magnet therapy to slow healers but the insurance would not pay for it. I have a really hard time understanding this logic. He must know that it works or he wouldn’t recommend it to slow healers. Thank you so much for the technology that has helped my daughter.
“.. larger average deep sleep periods of 40 minutes and more” – K from San Diego
I had been using a device called “Sleeptracker” to monitor my sleeping patterns since I’ve had problems with insomnia for some time (3 years). This measures the periods of wakefulness and longer deeper sleep patterns during the night finding the right moment to wake one up in the morning – a period of lighter sleep. Sleeptracker gives me an average amount of time I have slept between more wakeful periods. By the time I got the Earthpulse I had established an average time of between 26 -29 minutes of sleeping, with the longest sleeping period one hour and ten minutes. The first night I used Earthpulse this average jumped up to 64 minutes, with the longest sleeping period almost 3 hours (2hr44min). I had several nights of these long sleeping periods and larger average deep sleep periods of 40 minutes and more, until I had to stop using the Earthpulse for a while (approximately 2 weeks due to travel). Without the Earthpulse my sleeping patterns went back down to the shorter times they had had before, averaging in the 20’s every night with one or two longer periods of sleep for an hour and twenty minutes. I was extremely eager to use the Earthpulse again upon returning home and found my average jumped again to 44 minutes, with the longest deep sleeping period at around 2 hours. I still have times of shorter sleep averages when I’m under a lot of stress, but I am very much helped by the Earthlpulse to get back into a gorgeous deep sleep pattern. I feel that I still have a lot of sleep to recover because I’m still very sleepy during the day after using Earthlpulse at times. At these times I’m helped by the recovery or entrainment modes on Earthpulse. I have just started using Earthpulse on my 12 year old son who suffers from anxiety at night and this has helped him sleep through the night without waking up!!! And he can go to sleep without trouble and stay asleep. It’s wonderful. We need another Earthpulse for him now – I want mine back. K from San Diego
“..Areas in my body that have been blocked and feel so weighed down have finally opened and is in balance and feels right again.” – Nicole
To whom it may concern: On a recommendation from Dr. (my brother) he had me try the EarthPulse to see if it would help alleviate some of my health problems (i.e. circulation, insomnia, and a sense of imbalance). My brother is very knowledgeable on pulse magnetic therapies and has administered other forms of electromagnetic therapy on me. When he brought over the EarthPulse for me to use however it was the first time I have ever had such a quick response without several consistent treatments or long deep meditation sessions (I have three adoring kids it’s hard to concentrate for long periods). Areas in my body that have been blocked and feel so weighed down have finally opened and is in balance and feels right again. Thank you for your time in reading this email and for creating such a wonderful device to those willing to see. Sincerley, Nicole
“Your device is great, and I don’t want to think about going to sleep without it” – David E.
I want to thank you for this product. It has really helped me with my sleep/wake cycle. I buy, study, and test these sorts of products. This has become an interest of mine over the past few years. My current interest inculde binural beat frequencies (brain entrainment through sound – I have found Centerpointe’s to be the best – the others are not as effective), Cranial Electro Stimulation (CES – Bob Beck’s Bio Tunner), light and sound machines, light boxes (the kind used to treat S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder), the Neurophone – an amazing device that allows one to hear without the use of their normal hearing, and in the process, creates a very calming state, and recently The EarthPulse. These are the devices that I have found to be effective. I have tried several other devices that aren’t worth mentioning. The ones I have mentioned, I have used for a long enough time to see enough results to know that there is something to them. I believe that human beings are far more capable of how we currently live. Our brains/bodies are amazing instruments and, with the right stimulation, can achieve amazing things. I want to personally thank you for having a product that works. I have experimented with enough brain/mind technology to know what is crap and what isn’t. Your device is great, and I don’t want to think about going to sleep without it. David E.
“..profound knock-on effects on my recovery-ability from training and races” – Simon
The unit has worked brilliantly so far: it has effectively completely put a stop to what had become a routine waking up at 3/4am, often followed by not being able to get back to sleep. In fact I don’t think I have had a single sleepless night since starting to use it. It has also successfully tranquilized my wife, who was getting pretty desperate about her sleep pattern.Obviously, this has had profound knock-on effects on my recovery-ability from training and races. I also have the feeling it has contributed to increased speed in workouts. As you probably know, I got my training pal Dwight to buy one from you, and we have been comparing notes – he has had similar experiences. Only thing is he seems to prefer using the Recovery mode — I find that just makes me hot and I find it difficult to sleep, so I reserve it for recovery sessions on the couch! Thanks for a great product. Simon.
“Earthpulse has cured my Anemia” – Richard
Earthpulse has cured my anemia! Anemia, which has plagued me for the past five years apparently, has been corrected. I knew that I felt better and more energetic with Earthpulse, and now my blood test results last week show that my hemoglobin and hematocrit were completely normal. These blood markers that were low before Earthpulse, were almost normal after three months of Earthpulse and now are completely normal, after six months of Earthpulse. I’m actually delighted by these results. Over the past five years, the medical profession was unable to diagnose the cause of my problem. In addition to more energy with Earthpulse, I noticed that the color of my feces changed from almost black to a normal brown. Internal bleeding apparently caused the black feces. Now that Earthpulse to stop this internal bleeding my anemia has cleared up. I should also mention that my tinnitus that has been with me for many years has improved considerably the past few weeks. My liver enzymes are moderately high; however, I hope the Earthpulse will help me here also. I’m extremely grateful for your help. Richard
“..while using your machine I have continued to sleep very well.” – Anonymous Customer
Paul, Here is some more anecdotal evidence for you… just a couple of things I noted from using the machine. 1. Normally I use an amino acid Tryptophan to sleep at night, especially at work. I work in Angola offshore on a drillship 28 days on, 28 days off. On the second day of use (at home) I decided to stop using the Tryptophan cold turkey and see what happened. I SLEPT JUST AS GOOD OR BETTER. I haven’t used any more since. 2. Two or three times per year I use a short course of Anabolic steroids for its anti-aging and recuperative properties. Definitely not a body builder. Anyways they normally destroy my sleep quality but since I started them this time while using your machine I have continued to sleep very well. 3. This one is strange and I don’t understand how or why it appears to be working. To travel to work I have to cross 8 time zones and normally it takes me one day per time zone to get in sync with my new location i.e. a week or so. I have been in country 3 days and two nights and I feel almost normal. The only thing I have changed is the use of the machine. Every night I use it for 7-8 hours on recovery mode or sleep mode or a combination of both and I also used it a lunch time for a 30 min nap, which I will do again today.
“I love the magnet for both sleeping and pain management” – Reese Roth
I wanted you to know how much I enjoy the Earthpulse PEMF device. When re-starting my exercise routine, I was too exuberant in jumping rope and developed severe pain in my right hip. I was having constant pain and had gone to a chiropractor 6 times for treatment (with no pain relief). The day I received my magnet I put it under the mattress. My hip was hurting as usual. I had trouble falling to sleep that night, then never had another minute of pain. My hip had been keeping me awake, but from that night forward, I slept like a baby. To this day the pain has never returned. I love the magnet for both sleeping and pain management.
Hi Paul, I began using the Earthpulse unit immediately following my shoulder surgery on 6/18/2010.  It has been an absolute Godsend in that it has helped me speed up my recovery to the point that my physical therapist has asked me what was I doing to get my flexibility/mobility back so soon.  Now I’m working on resistance exercises to get my strength back and I was even shocked to be able to perform 10 push-ups on 1 1/2 shoulders and it was easier now than it was on my pre-op surgery.  You’ve really made an incredible contribution to man-kind.  Thanks for sharing your information with Carl Lanore and the SHR audience. Regards, Carl

earthpulse feedback from massad

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