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EarthPulse launches PEMF devices in India

EarthPulse launched it’s seperate India website sometime back. This website contains information about PEMF devices in India, as well as articles written by the India team about benefits of PEMF therapy.

Another big news that people in India can look forward to, is that we have made the EarthPulse PEMF devices in India available through India’s biggest e-commerce portals – Amazon India and Flipkart! Welcome India, to the future of healing!

PEMF devices in India - New Website

As you may know, the EarthPulse is made in India, and we are proud to say that it is a success story when it comes to Hon’ble Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s, “Make in India” campaign. Since 2002, the EarthPulse PEMF devices are made in India and shipped worldwide.

Our unique patented Sleep machines are the best PEMF therapy devices that can be purchased today. There are absolutely no other devices that deliver the amount of energy and features that the EarthPulse delivers under $10,000!

We are also the only manufacturer that provides a 90-day money back guarantee and offer complete post sale customer support. Our 5 year warrantee is an ode to our commitments towards our users. While we make no claims about the medical applicability of our devices, our users have reported relief from a variety of ailments. See our Youtube channel to access our playlist for Parkinson’s feedback.

Magnetic therapy is an ancient therapeutic energy medicine which has been utilized in far east and europe from a long time. With pulsed electromagnetic field therapy advancement made by EarthPulse, the users get an amplified amount of healing and EMF protection than the conventional magnetic healing products like magnetic bracelets. PEMF is clearly a superior advancement in the field of healing and we require your support to spread this therapy to the masses. So do subscribe to our newsletters and share our articles as much as possible.

We also need your support in form of reviews on our Google Plus page. If you are a user, we request you to submit a review here on our Google Plus page. This will help us reach more people who could benefit from PEMF therapy and your friends on Google Plus may notice your review too!

If you purchased your EarthPulse PEMF device from Sleep-Tech, you can also post a review on the Sleep-Tech portal by logging and navigating to the product page and adding your review.

For research purposes, we also offer the 90-day feedback form (applicable for all customers) which entitles you to a 10% cashback rebate. The link to the feedback form is sent to you upon purchase. If you haven’t got the form yet and purchased from Sleep-Tech, then please feel free to contact us through the website.

Thanks for reading this article and please share it with everyone you know, specially from India!

EarthPulse launches PEMF devices in India