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Morphing Schumann Resonance: Brain Entrainment & Negative Affects on Psychobiology

Schumann resonance frequencies are a spectrum of naturally occurring electromagnetic signals, circulating in the electrically resonant cavity bounded by the Earth and the ionosphere. It is also widely accepted that Schumann resonances cause brain-wave entrainment. Now we present evidence that both mean frequency and average power density of Schumann resonance are rising; and not by just an insignificant value.

Schumann resonance has governed the ‘evolution’ or development of the stress-free operation of the principal human brain-wave signals. Those of animals too. It is widely accepted that Schumann’s resonance is created by lightening strikes as shown in the image courtesy of Wikipedia.  Click image to go to the video. It should be noted that these lightening strikes are giant 1 second or longer discharges of DC electric current that create a very-very long-wave, pulsed signal.

When one discusses Schumann at 7.83 Hz, one must be cognizant that Schumann Resonance encompasses an entire range of frequencies from .01 to well over 100 Hz. It is the higher amplitude in the frequency scale below 15 Hz that keeps our brain-waves entrained to low stress-free states where adequately sound sleep during the night is possible.
schumann resonance caused by lightening

Schumann resonance created by lightening strikes courtesy of WikiPedia. It should be noted that these lightening strikes are giant pulsed charges of DC electric current that create a very long-wave, pulsed signal. Click image to view video at Wiki.

As soon as a higher amplitude frequency is introduced, the biological organism will attempt to entrain (tune) itself to this ‘louder’ signal. It is called FFR or the Brain’s Frequency Following Response and this is an important concept to keep in mind when reviewing the information below. Traditionally Schumann Resonance was known to include peaks at 7.83, 14.1, 20.3 and higher . According to WikiPedia (wrong) these frequencies are around 7.83 (fundamental),14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz. When I designed EarthPulse™ in 2001 we kept our frequency output range below 14.1 Hz that was widely accepted as the 2nd Schumann resonance peak. Science for some unknown reason fails to recognise the peaks in the 1.5 – 2.5 range; we didn’t and include them in our stepping up and down sleep programs. Lets take a close look at two classic representations of the Schumann resonance spectrum.
Schumann Resonance classical view

Schumann Resonance classical view (not sure what the 30 Hz spike is).

Schumann Resonance 2

Another classical view of Schumann Resonance (not sure what the 17 Hz spike is)

In the images to left, one can clearly see that but for the spikes at 30 / 17 / 60 Hz, the highest amplitude wave is at 7.8 Hz. The next lower spike should be 14.1 Hz, then 20.3 Hz lower still and so on. More importantly, the aggregate amplitude of what would be Alpha through Delta brain waves, outweigh the aggregate amplitude of what lies above Alpha.

Below please find one more classic example. There we see a relatively high amplitude spike at around 1.5 Hz another short spike at around 2.5 Hz, then the predominant peak at 7.8 Hz, a lower spike at 14.1 Hz, next lower at 20 Hz and so on down the line.

Schumann waves graph

Another classical view of Schuman Resonance

Please notice again in the image above the amplitude of the 60 Hz spike from unshielded power frequency, in such instance, the brain would tend to want to “follow” or entrain toward the high amplitude ‘louder’ signal at 60 Hz, while the aggregate amplitudes of the peaks at 1.5, 7.8 and 14.1 and what lies between would counteract that 60 Hz signal and (hopefully) keep the brain tuned lower during the day.

Low enough to easily reach sleep states at night. This is why you remember sleeping so much better decades ago before the proliferation of wireless technologies when almost no one had a problem sleeping well and we took good sleep for granted.

Modernly we are facing a situation where Trillions of Watts of Microwave energy (which as the name implies is a very-very short wave-length) has been pumped into the Ionosphere and it’s boosting mean frequency of Schumann resonance. Not by just a little. At the very least where cellular telecommunications is well represented. This reading from Tomsk, Russia is in a rather remote location and gives us a glimmer of hope that if we could find a way to limit cellular transmission amplitude, it’d immediately go back to normal regardless of where you are.

When the difference between Delta-wave sleep (1-3 Hz) and Alpha (8 -12 Hz) is just 5 Hz, the change we’re seeing in the charts below are catastrophic. In the first chart immediately below you’ll see 14.1 Hz higher than 7.83 Hz but 20.3 26.4 and 32.4 all lower than 7.83 and progressively less amplitude as you go higher up the frequency scale.

Morphing Schumann Resonance

Morphing Schumann Resonance

Warning bells should go off in the reader’s mind when you see the two presumably more recent images below.

morphing schumann resonances

Source: Lonetree Data recordings 2010; note the amplitude of 26Hz is higher than 14 Hz!…and 33 Hz is higher than 7.8 Hz!!

Change in Schumann resonance

Morphing Schumann Resonance – The graph above is even worse that the previous one.

Basically, the world is screwed so far as getting a good night’s sleep is concerned and from the movement to higher and higher mean-Schumann, it’s going to get a lot worse. From my side, it seems like a concerted effort by “the powers that be” to add one more layer of assault on the populations of the world. Vince Lombardi, legendary coach of the Greenbay Packers once said “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” In today’s world everyone seems to be tired. This is no time for cowardice.

Even camping in the high-mountains in an environment where there is no RF or microwaves, one would be lying down trying to quiet the brain to achieve adequate Delta-wave sleep, but lying in a Schumann spectrum that is now tuning consciousness to Beta and higher!!! Sure, you’re lying on the ground picking up 9.6 Hz from the terrestrial field rather nicely but would be being bombarded by a mid to high Beta frequency from above. You should find this very alarming.

Evidently, we’ve pumped so much microwave into the ionosphere that in 20-30 years we’ve changed a field that has been stable for eons. Where do we go from here? Hainsworth offers some suggestions below.

Electrical engineer Lewis B. Hainsworth, suggest human health is linked to geophysical parameters and Schumann’s ELF. He hypothesised the correlation / resonation of the Schumann spectrum and human brain-wave rhythms. He concluded the frequencies of the human brain evolved in response to these signals and that perturbations in Schumann could influence the function and health of the brain.

Electrical Technology and Human Evolution

L.B. Hainsworth, 1987
13/91 Dampier Avenue, Mullaloo, Western Austrlia 6025, Australia
Copyright, Speculations in Science and Technology, Vol. 11, No. 2, p. 101

Excerpt in pertinent part:

Such changes (in Schumann resonance) could be potentially disastrous, and will continue to affect our descendants until the present technology either collapses or is abandoned. Even then repercussions must occur as further evolutionary changes return the brain-wave rhythms to patterns compatible with natural conditions.

Of course, the end product of such an evolutionary change need not be significantly different from the present product. Unfortunately, the history of technological side effects does not seem to include any that are not, at least, undesirable. For example: the Eastern Mediterranean and the Great Lakes in North America are often regarded as ecological disasters, acid rain is creating havoc in Northern Europe, and heavy-metal pollution in restricted waters has made eating some fish dangerous in many areas, and even deadly in Japan.

To assume that the end effects of present electromagnetic pollution may be less deadly would thus be the height of criminal irresponsiblity, unless some extensive attempts have been made to assess what those effects might be. In any event, the change-over process will be a painful one, governed by the principle of survival of the fittest, and extending over a timescale which could possibly be as short as two to ten generations: i.e. 80 to 400 years.

While natural selection will determine what form of the species will survive, it is still only possible to speculate on precisely what those forms may be like, and on what processes might inhibit the survival of other forms.

Possible Survival Forms: Accepting that changed electromagnetic field conditions will result in changed brain-wave patterns, there is still not enough known about their operation to say what effect this may produce in either the mental or physical characteristics of the organism.

The possibilities seem to include:

A drop in the intelligence of the surviving species. That is, the development of a moronic species, which would almost certainly be disastrous.

or A rise in intelligence, which seems rather improbable.

or The development of a psychopathic species.

or The development of a species with the faculty of telepath or other unusual mental ability.

or The development of a species of telepathic psychopaths.

or The development of a species of telepathic genius.

or A mix of some of the above, e.g. some telepathic geniuses and some moronic psychopaths.

or No significant change, which is a condition that could really only be assessed by an independent observer in a few hundred years’ time, if it was then certain that none of the foregoing changes had occurred.

These are just some of the possible changes in the human species that could result from the changes in brain-wave patterns that will follow from exposure to our continued thoughtless use of electrical systems.

Everyone needs EarthPulse™ they just don’t know about it yet!

Morphing Schumann Resonance – EarthPulse™ the Ultimate Brain Wave Entrainment Tool:

Brain entrainment originated and was made popular by the binaural beats community and light and sound devices to stimulate the brain. The goal of brain wave entrainment / binaural beats is to favorably affect the electrical activity in the brain (as measured by electroencephalogram – EEG or magnetoencephelogram – MEG) via non-invasive external stimuli.  Thereby beneficially affecting the subject’s frame of mind, to enhanced learning, relaxation, etc.

We discovered in 2002 that PEMF was a much stronger and more convenient method of brain wave entrainment, producing cellular effects on a systemic level that other brain-wave entrainment modalities could never hope to achieve.

The best feature about EarthPulse™ is you use it while it entrains you to deeper sleep for all the benefits of brain wave entrainment, plus a whole lot more, without having to sacrifice time during your day.


(Reprinted in part with permission of Nexus Magazine in 2004.)

Our brain waves share and are attuned to certain frequencies of the Schumann’s resonances, the ELF signals that pulsate between the Earth’s crust and ionosphere.

Nexus Magazine Volume 10, Number 3 (April-May 2003)

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SIDEBAR: Lewis B. Hainsworth of Western Australia first recognized the relationship of brain wave frequencies to naturally circulating rhythmic signals, known as Schumann’s Resonances (SR), in the space between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere.  Hainsworth imparted this awareness to Dr. Robert O. Becker, noted electromagnetics pollution expert, and to Harvard neurologists as early as 1975.   In 1977, the relationship between brain-wave rhythms and natural earth ELF signals became the basis for Itzhak Bentov’s Stalking the Wild Pendulum (Dutton, 1977).  Later research confirmed a relationship to health, well-being, and even ESP or psi phenomena.

Hainsworth sent up a clarion cry against hazardous EM pollution.  Dangers pale compared to the global threat of technologies such as HAARP, which send violent pulsations into the earth’s ionosphere, potentially disrupting the entire electromagnetic shield of the earth.  Some suggest that the frequency of the basic SR is changing in value, possibly threatening the whole biosphere, human welfare, and our evolutionary future.  All biological processes are a function of electromagnetic field interactions, which are the connecting link between the world of form and resonant patterns.  EM fields store gestalts or patterns of information.  The bridge connecting solar system resonances and brain frequencies resides in our human DNA helix, which evolved in this environment.


The rhythm of life has evolved at an even tempo for epochs.  We live in a matrix of oscillating fields; the tiniest fluctuations in one interlocked field carry over perturbation into others.  Many times per second, pulses travel completely around the world between our planet’s surface and the ionosphere sending coordinating signals to all organisms.  These signals couple us to the global electrostatic field.  Named for their discoverer, these Schumann Resonances (SR) provide the orchestrating pulse for life on our planet. READ MORE

See also: Ben Lonetree & Iona Miller (who claim Schumann is NOT rising).