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Sleep Problems and PEMF Devices

In our modern lifestyle, Sleeping disorders are a common occurence. In this article, we will explore, what are sleep disorders, their current state in population, the natural way to not have them and how PEMF devices can support our modern lifestyle while keeping our sleep schedule intact.

Sleep Problems List:

  • Insomnia & Narcolepsy
  • Trying to fall asleep and not able to
  • Trouble staying asleep due to anxiety at night
  • Restless sleep
  • Lengthy waking hours
  • Waking up early morning although slept late at night

Sleeping disorders are very common in people with with exposure to Electromagnetic Field pollution, and can happen to those who try their best to not have sleep problems by having a proper sleep schedule or sleep clock and keeping their lights off while in bed.

The current state of sleep problems

About 30% of adults suffer from sleeping disorders. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s sleep study, children that are between 5 to 10 years old should sleep 10 to 11 hours per day, teenagers should sleep 8 to 9 hours/day and adults atleast 7 to 9 hours.

Sleeping Disorders in Adults and Teenagers From recent surveys conducted nearly 30% of adults reported an average of less than 6 hours of sleep per night, and 70 % of teenagers reported an average of less than 8 hours of sleep. Infants and toddlers woke up way more times each night than they did 20 years ago and are also sleeping much less.

Sleep studies suggest, anxiety and sleeping disorders are well connected. Stress leads to unhealthy melatonin sleep resulting in restless sleep. Overtime, the sleep clock goes so far behind that it’s impossible to recover and sleep diseases begin to manifest.

Folks who have regular sleep anxiety or trouble sleeping have loads of stress, low energy during the day and a bad sleep schedule by passing out regularly all day.

The worst news is, doctors tend to prescribe drugs to provide relief from sleep disorders. These medicines have problems though, such as addiction, withdrawal symptoms or side-effects. Thus, it’s important that medical practioners user low-risk methods to help those having trouble sleeping. We shall discuss the use of PEMF devices for that, but before that it’s important to learn about our Sleep cycle. It will then be easy to see how PEMF devices work on resolving sleeping disorders.

Syncing Sleep cycle or Circadian cycle with Earth

Our current lifestyle regularly demands us to go on vacations to be in nature, it’s a natural phenomenon. We rarely hear of sleep disorders or indeed many health issues in farmers who are close to Earth for a reason. The mind and body seeks closeness and sync with the natural world that we humans have largely destroyed now.

Circadian Cycle - Rhythm - Brainwaves - drean Disorder

Our body’s circadian rhythm needs to be in-sync with our planet’s for us to stay healthy. The way to do that is reduce exposure to harmful EMFs (from dozens of mobile phones, mobile phone towers, Wi-Fi routers surrounding us) using a grounding mat or sleep directly on the ground. Sleeping on the floor in an apartment does not count, as you are still surrounded by power lines and Urban EMFs.

Sleeping directly on the ground provides nutritious magnetic fields to our body which helps our body to heal itself. We now see the shift to using wireless technology becoming a certainty no matter where you live, and hence it’s viable and necessary to introduce these beneficial magnetic fields using PEMF devices. It’s the only way by which you can be sure that your system is tuned to allow cells to function optimally.

PEMF Devices for Sleep Problems

Sleeping disorders are complex and develop over time. PEMF devices can un-do a lot of damage. This happens by a process known as Brainwave Entrainment.

The brain’s frequency pattern or brainwaves exist in below modes. Depending on the mode of brainwave, physiological functions such as melatonin production and cell repair occur.

  • Beta (14-40Hz) – Awake and Thinking
  • Alpha (7.5-14Hz) – Relaxed
  • Theta (4-7.5Hz) – Light Sleep
  • Delta (0.5-4Hz) – Deep Sleep

People with sleeping problems, can use a external magnetic field device also known as a PEMF device to entrain their brain to get the deep sleep.

EarthPulse released it’s first PEMF machines back in 2002 and made them primarily for inducing sleep and staying asleep all night. It was the first company to design a PEMF device that was affordable and available worldwide.

On the basis of reviews by many of its thousands of users, the EarthPulse has constantly been evolving its technology. The most economical option, the EarthPulse v5Basic PEMF Device delivers a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field spectrum from 0.5 – 14.1 Hz. Its v5 and v5Pro PEMF devices come with specially designed programs that change the frequencies over-time to induce sleep, stay asleep and also enhances energy, stamina and vitality. Either way, EarthPulse is the pioneer in PEMF research and continues to provide life-time customer support to its users by answering their questions and helping them keep track of their progress using their one of kind 90-day Feedback Program.

How to treat Sleep Disorders using PEMF devices

For Brainwave Entrainment to work, a PEMF device that runs all night long is required. Thus, EarthPulse is the best bet, considering that it can run all-night and be tried risk-free for 90-days.

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Sleep Problems and PEMF Devices