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EarthPulse™ v7 ProPlus for Humans 4 Magnet PEMF Device

EarthPulse™ v7 ProPlus for Humans 4 Magnet PEMF Device

Our v7 is done and better than expected; we begin shipping que by end of month; will complete a few weeks later, then raise prices as required. This will be the last update here; we will not honor old pricing on new orders once prices change.

v7 is v6, but looks better and fixed a few issues old shop never fixed so were able to increased power to the magnets. So v7 doesn’t just look better.

Not an optimal time to change assembly shops and suppliers, but needed to be done regardless of the timing.

Over 20 years were invested in making the EarthPulse™ the clear leader no matter how you judge it. Though it took a little more than twice as long as hoped under the current situation, v7 is the best we’ve ever done.

When shipping current again we’ll be increasing our prices which have not been raised since 2015 with v5, our first 12 volt system.

The price increase is existing clients’ discount.

As expected, returns went down further from v5 to v6 to about 3.5%.

Though infinitely better from first day in 2002; we’ve put even more distance between us and any PEMF system on Earth.

The EarthPulse™ v7 ProPlus PEMF for humans machine comes with 4 high-intensity PEMF coils.

The EarthPulse™ 4-magnet v7 ProPlus system can be used at home by two people as two EarthPulse™ Pro systems with slightly less power and is a great choice for a couple sharing bed and looking for more powerful whole-body PEMF therapy.

EarthPulse™ has been designed with proven and safe frequencies, for all night PEMF application and tunes the mitochondria for maximum metabolic efficiency and thus quicker natural recovery.


0.5 – 14.4 Hz

750 Gauss x4

10 Program Modes

4 Electromagnets

Lifetime Support

90-day money back guarantee

$49 Worldwide Shipping