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EarthPulse™ v8 ProPlus for Humans 4 Magnet PEMF Device

Dear Friends,

Our Payment gateway supports Bank-to-bank transfer and Razorpay International Payment gateway(Credit and Debit Cards), which can be done from your desk. We’ve not stayed in business for over 20 years by ripping people off. Mutual trust now only.

Please keep in mind the time difference. We’re here 7:00 am to 9 pm India time. We work weekends.

Like the v3, v7 did not make it to production.

Our v8 shop is much more closely affiliated to us and is assembling the v8. This shop fixed all the issues v6 shop promised to fix but never did (we learned late 2021). Beside those changes, EVERYTHING is better than v6 models were.

All controllers are now 2 output Pro, plus 50% more powerful on both outputs (incl. v8Pet). A better sleep signal than our previous power supplies as well. Nicer enclosure case, nicer face plate, screen goes dark after 60 seconds and the cables are greatly improved.

Inventor says “it is nearly impossible to exceed my expectations, yet the v8 does”. V8 is the culmination of all we’ve learned over 20+ years with improved board design, improved wave form, improved enclosure case, improved magnet cable, improved new metal magnet parts, a better sleep signal than previous models, and 50% more power per channel than previous models, plus the addition of 4.8 Hz and 2.4 Hz (research was done in 2015 but forgotten to add to v6).

All models are now two output Pro controllers so you can order a second magnet later, if cash strapped now (as so many are these days). Each channel is now 50% stronger than previous models and is far, far better than our v6 was.

The v8Pet model has two outputs. If you have more than one animal, output can be split for up to 4 large dogs.  Cat/cats need only the coil with no metal parts. This is our v8PetLite (simply ask support). It is not pictured. Neither is a v8PetPro or v8PetProPlus. Likewise if you have a mix of dogs and cats, tell customer support.

If willing to forgo the Wake-up function on the Human models, this is a good alternative to those who are cash strapped as many are these days.

Since metal magnet parts are heavy and cost allot to ship (2x post C-Scam than before), the more electromagnets in your system order, the more shipping discount you have.

As always, we charge 49 USD for shipping internationally. Post C-Scam one full metal electromagnet now costs 100 USD equivalent to ship internationally. Roughly 2x what it was.

Due to the inventor’s preference for 9.6 Hz since before the first working prototype Summer 2002, all systems boot to Mode 9.6 Hz and but for v8Pet, feature lower (and higher) harmonics of 9.6 Hz ( 4.8 Hz, 2.4 Hz and 14.4 Hz). Plus the Tesla Mode at 3.69 Hz. All human models feature a wake-up phase for 30 minutes when timer is done.

All our v8 systems are now greatly improved and about the same price as before the C-Scam. A post C-Scam World Wide Depression is bearing down on us all; hopefully a kinetic World War or nuke one is not in our future.

We appreciate our valid customers and since end December 2021 invalid sales have escalated, thereby we’ve given up all card clearing to help alleviate fraud. Returns have always been suspect since 2002. If there are any refunds to be made, they will be made bank to bank back to you.

Ask self, what is so good that the criminals attack it?

Please remember the time difference. We are available 7 days per week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. local India time.


1599 USD

2.4 – 14.4 Hz

750 Gauss x4

5 Modes

4 Electromagnets

Lifetime Support

90-day money back guarantee

+49 USD Worldwide Shipping