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Brainwave Entrainment most effective with Magnetic Fields

Brainwave Entrainment article will quickly explain brainwaves, brainwave entrainment, its benefits and uses, and finally how electromagnetic fields are the most effective and efficient method of brainwave entrainment.

Brainwaves are naturally occurring electromagnetic fields in the brain due to neuronal activity. Brainwaves are measured in Hertz as they are electromagnetic frequencies.

Brainwaves are divided into 5 states based on frequency bands. Interestingly, these frequency bands also correspond with states of consciousness known as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

StateFrequency rangeState of mind
Deltabrainwave entrainment magnetic therapy delta0.5Hz–4HzDeep Sleep
Thetabrainwave entrainment magnetic therapy theta4Hz–8HzLight Sleep
Alphabrainwave entrainment magnetic therapy alpha8Hz–14HzRelaxed & Alert (awakening/early morning)
Betabrainwave entrainment magnetic therapy beta14Hz–30HzAlert (day-time waking)

This observation led to experimentation and then practice is known as Brainwave Entrainment. It was obvious that if we could somehow bio-hack or Entrain our brain to match a healthy pattern, the body would regenerate better too, also the associated consciousness would be of higher quality.

When Brainwave Entrainment is applied, the results expected would be better quality sleep and awake states as also improved emotional and logical intelligence. These benefits in the long run result in true anti-ageing which is independent of dietary supplementation, though the body will better utilize the nutrients as well as experience better detox.

Effective Brainwave Entrainment with Magnetic Fields (PEMF)

In-depth research using magnetic field application for the entire body show that cellular functions are also affected. For example, during deep sleep, we tend to regenerate more. When sleeping all night in a magnetic field tuned to Schumann resonance amazing health benefits have been reported. Usually reported at 7.83 Hz, the Schumann resonance ensures life on earth. Read our Schumann & Psychobiology research to understand this topic in its entirety.

Wikipedia studies about brainwave entrainment will tell you that brainwave entrainment has no real effect. However those studies do not consider magnetic field therapy at all. Those studies are based on the most ineffective methods to alter brainwaves, such as using light or sounds. Those techniques do not utilize magnetic fields and only attempt to mimic the patterns of brainwaves, and of course have zero or dubious effects on the brain.

Wouldn’t it then make sense to be able to directly influence the brain with pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate the desired state which is also electromagnetic in nature?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS or rTMS) is a close neighbor of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy and specifically targets the brain. PEMF is better because it affects not just the brain but the whole body or even specific pain areas with nutritious magnetic fields. Magnetic Fields can be applied to the whole body and it responds beautifully.

Magnetic field systems by Our PEMF have been evolving for years based on more than 5 decades of research and thousands of user studies. Expect better sleep and faster recovery for almost every physiological, neurological, and mental issue or return it. It works for you or returns it in 90 days has been our policy since 2002.

Our PEMF  identified the frequencies which help achieve the desired effects for sleep, mental well being, improved repair & hormone synthesis, localized healing, and general anti-ageing effects.

Brainwave Entrainment using Magnetic Fields is effective to a degree where it can’t be compared with neural entrainment using light (eg. far-infrared) or sound (isochronic tones or binaural beats) applications.

Below testimonial by Auti Angel gives a good perspective on how effective Our PEMF is.

“I am writing this to share my amazing testimony so that others too can benefit from EARTHPULSE.”

Auti Angel

So we learn that Brainwave Entrainment using Magnetic Fields is effective to a degree where it can’t be compared with neural entrainment using light (eg. far-infrared) or sound (isochronic tones or binaural beats) application. Magnetic fields are a far more effective tool for a healthy mind and body.


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Brainwave Entrainment most effective with Magnetic Fields