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EarthPulse™ E-Stim – Electrical Stimulation Machine

E-Stim Electric Stimulator Reviews by Fitness Experts and Strongmen
EarthPulse™ E-Stim – Electric Stimulation Machine

Electric Stimulation the way it should be done. This is NOT a TENS machine. Listen to the short interview excerpts of professionals here if you have any doubts that the Earthpulse™ E-Stim is an electric stimulation machine that’s designed and administered in a way that’s better than other electric stimulation units out there today.


+30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

+9.6 Hz

+AC or DC mode

+No Battery

It is the only Electrical Stimulation machine strong enough for shoulder, hip, or knee and with an AC/DC switch allowing you to not only use AC (like Beck but stronger), but also DC (like Becker microcurrent). Puts the electric stimulation whether AC or DC strong enough or weak enough, where it is needed specially well in cases of eyes, scarring, bad joints, bike spills, dog bites or gun shot wounds.

It is not commercially available through EarthPulse™ magnetic stimulation due to us wanting to stay in non-contact magnetic space.

Make your own with a Bob Beck silver pulser schematic and the E Stim’s electrical signal output parameters which is 9.6 Hz Sqare Wave, a volume switch that delivers up to 5 milliamps electricity to each pad and a switch that allows user to apply AC or  DC electrical current to those pads.

The World’s Strongest Electric Stimulation Machine Featuring 9.6 Hz Squarewave, 4 pads and an AC/DC setting.