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How to make Colloidal Silver - Directions for Making Best Colloidal Silver


Colloidal Silver Making Directions

How to make Colloidal Silver using a few 9V batteries or a DC wall power supply. Apparatus cost about $20, plus your silver wire or Canadian Silver Maple coins which are .9999 fine silver. Takes about 5 minutes and you’re ready to go. The lowest price nearly pure silver to use are Canadian Maple Silver Dollars at .9999 fine…or 99.99% pure. .999 fine (three-nines) are 99.9% pure and have 10x the metal impurities of .9999 fine (four-nines) or 99.99% pure. Stick to the good stuff if you can. In case you’d just like to quickly buy everything needed to make your own, colloidal silver making kits are easily available on Amazon these days.

Home Colloidal Silver Making Supplies:

  • 9 volt Battery(s) and snap connector(s) as shown below; or9v battery connector
  • an AC to DC power supply from 7v up to 30 volts. Higher is better.
  • crocodile clips
  • black electrical tape (solder too if you choose)
  • 0.9999 fine silver wire or one Canadian Maple .9999 fine silver coin
  • Pots (ideally pyrex glass or thick rugged glass) and a heat source
  • or a new 4 cup drip coffee maker with heat element under pot (preferred and so much easier than double boiling water).
  • Distilled water
  • you can use tap or bottled water in an emergency without heating (see below)

The Three 9V Battery Colloidal Silver Maker:

  1. take 3 or 4 snap battery connectors, strip the wires at ends and connect them in series red to black – black to red – red to black as shown below. Twist the ends, fold over and wrap with electrical tape. Solder and shrink tube if you like.
  2. you’ll have one black lead (Negative) on one end; one red (Positive) lead on the other end.
  3. attach your Red / Black crocodile clips to corresponding wire. bend the wire so it hangs on the glass as shown.
  4. If using silver wire, the easiest to use and least bulky way to construct it, is to wrap tape around the battery with two lead wires running away from the snapped on battery connections (see top photo). Once taped together it hangs in place with batteries upside down from the silver wires as shown immediately right. The image at right shows colloidal silver made with bottled room temperature water. (Evian or other bottled water makes an effective batch quickly at room temperature though its quality deteriorates quickly.)
Fast bottled water methods discussed below. NEVER let electrodes touch at any time as batteries will short (makes a mess). When storing device, remove silver from crocodile clips so no shorting can occur. One 9 volt battery can be used *Remove batteries from crocodile battery-clip assembly before carrying through airports.

Fail-Proof Drip Coffee Maker – Hot Distilled Water Method.

This method results in a very small, very tight particle range that stores in UV shielded bottles for a year or more without silver fallout due to particles losing their like + charge. Drip-coffee maker needs to have a hot plate to keep water HOT. This method is the most convenient as it heats the water to boiling point instantly and within a minute you’re generating the absolute best quality Colloidal Silver possible. Once cool, it’s already in a nice pourable container for filling your bottles. You want to use a new one because the heating elements used for bottled or tap water will be corroded with minerals that will leach back into your distilled water as it heats. Heat is somewhat required to improve conductivity of DISTILLED WATER though pale yellow colloidal silver can be made at room temperature. That process can take many hours however. 6 or 8 hours depending upon the amount of water and the voltage being used. One fresh 9 volt battery in a 4 ounce glass of water can turn yellow in 2 -3 hours. The coffee pot method below shows a 30 volt power supply and silver wires added to it’s stock tip. At radio shack you can bring your prebought wire and choose a tip where you can insert the wire diameter into the hole on the tip. If not, you’ll need to cut the tip off of the power supply cable, then strip the ends of the wire and attaching the crocodile clips. If you see silver attracting / sticking to the red crocodile clip silver electrode, you’ve got it backwards. Red (+) side sinters off molecules of silver and the black (-) side attracts many of them.

12 volts power supply can take up to 2 hours or more to achieve final product. 30 volts in about 1/2 that time.

After 15 minutes notice negative pole attracting silver particles that have been sintered off of the darker positive silver electrode. these photo’s are taken with flash. notice bright white glare in center of the coffer decanter from flash.

After 45 minutes and the reaction is really starting to take shape. notice the amount of silver deposited on the negative electrode. this photo also taken withflash. No reflecting back of light from silver particles, yet.

1 hr 45 minutes and the reaction is nearly complete. notice the silver deposited now on the negative (black) electrode. Nearly 1/2 inch in diameter! When slowly removed however the silver deposits itself around the electrode to nearly imperceptible thickness.

This is the 90 minute batch with no flash and room light reflecting back toward camera

This is the SAME batch after 2.5 hours, picture taken with a flash

This is the SAME batch immediately taken again but with back-light from daytime window shining through the coffee decanter. CRYSTAL clear yet yellow

CONGRATULATIONS! You now know how to make some of the smallest, tightest particle-size colloidal silver ever made. It will work quite a bit better than anything you can buy at the store. For longest shelf life, store your colloidal silver in U.V. shielded blue or brown glass bottles. Blue bottles are best as you can detect the color of the colloid by holding up to the light. Brown bottles won’t allow you to detect color in this way. Blue UV shielded bottles are available on the internet and your local Health Food store usually sells the brown ones. This colloidal silver has shelf life of a year or more with no separation or loss of color. See below for old double boiler method. Don’t burn yourself!

Make Colloidal Silver with the Hot-Distilled Water (2 pot method)

  1. Place two pots on stove; distilled water in one pot (enough to fill your THICK glass jar to the top); tap water in another pot. Use low heat so you don’t crack the glass one.
  2. Bring both pots of water to a boil.
  3. Tap water pot heat to lowest possible setting. NEVER microwave your water to heat it. Changes the molecular structure of water and FOOD. Get rid of your microwave, don’t eat microwaved food!
  4. SLOWLY pour distilled water SLOWLY, into your THICK glass (peanut butter jars usually work well). Pour water carefully and slowly as not to break glass.
  5. Set this distilled glass of water into pot of hot tap water (as shown above). Be CAREFUL and GENTLE as all water, glass and pot will be very hot.

Ideal batches of silver colloid should be in the color-range of the first two glasses on left. Batch on right was made with distilled water heated via microwave. An over-done batch will take on a dark gray appearance similar to batch on right.

Quick, Room-Temperature Method

Uses any good quality drinking water; nearly as effective on common ailments as distilled water method; but must be used within a few days. Also particle size is many times larger, so it is going to affect it’s use against certain organisms. Distilled is always best. Reaction will be fast, above batch is less than 2 minutes. Cold water yields a very non-homogenous particle size. Let water get to room temperature or better yet heat the water first (NO microwave) and pour into your designated CS making glass. This batch is almost finished @ 5 minutes. Notice color is milky-white. You’ll know it’s done when batch is completely opaque (totally cloudy). You should not be able to see your hand (or anything else) through the glass.

Notes on using Canadian Maple Silver Dollars to make Colloidal Silver:

You’ll want to suspend your silver dollar from the Red / Positive crocodile clip into the water but careful to keep the crocodile clip itself completely dry. You do not want to sinter molecules of copper into your water. Since zero sintering occurs on the negative side, any clean, conductive metal may be used. A metal paperclip normally works nicely. Don’t forget your batch and leave the house or when you come back your coin will have lost significant weight and your batch will be severely overdone. Electrodes only sinter molecules of silver off the Red (+) side; rotate your electrodes if using two silver wires so they wear evenly. End How to Make the Best Colloidal Silver at Home.
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How to make Colloidal Silver – Directions for Making Best Colloidal Silver