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Thank you for subscribing to EarthPulse™ Biolelectric News Digest. Due to the surge of breaking news in the fields of bioelectric therapies and environmental / biological effects of electromagnetic pollution (EMP), expect each issue to contain thought-provoking information. EarthPulse™ is the world’s only sleep-machine, is the most portable full-function PEMF system in the world, yet the most powerful system under $10,000 at a fraction of the cost. There’s nothing on Earth like EarthPulse™!

Please start by downloading your free PDF report Pythagorean PEMF: Remarkable 9.6 Hz / 432 Hz Pythagorean & Platonic Tuning Harmonics; and stay tuned for breaking news in the field of Bioelectricity.

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EarthPulse™ Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Systems

Our PEMF devices have helped more than twenty-thousand users sleep, recover and perform better since 2002. Feel and perform a decade or two younger in 90-days or your money-back.

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The Miracle of Electromedicine – Robert O Becker MD
Robert O Becker, MD image Robert O. Becker, MD pioneered the use of bio-electricity. Twice nominated for a nobel prize, he successfully saved the foot of every diabetic amputee candidate that took part in his studies. In 1995 he successfully regrew an adult human finger tip. Nail bed, fingerprint and tactile sensation fully intact. In 1999 he filed patent using DC microcurrent transmitted through silver nylon bandage material.
Trending: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation tDCS
tDCS for parkinsons

In the link above you’ll see a video demonstration of the Tremex-Johns Hopkins Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation or tDCS device for Parkinsons. EarthPulse™ “did this…done that” in 2002 using PEMF applied transcranially through a pillow while sleeping. A New tDCS Technique using pulsed current is on the right track but unlike PEMF most of the electric current seeks the path of least resistance to ground along the skin and skull.

American Addict: The Medical Police State
American Addict Medical Policy State

Hard hitting Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport regular attacks the “Big” cartels with well researched and thought provoking journalism. In his piece American Addicts The Medical Police State Jon describes America’s penchant for pharmaceuticals with over 4 Billion prescriptions filled (in 2011); that’s one prescription per month for every man woman and child in America. In 2011 it was estimated every Brit consumes 14,000 pills per lifetime.

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